The Saddest Blog Ever

Yeap that's officially what my blog is. If someone asks me what I write in here, I'll say, "Oh sappy sad sad stories about my life and also life in general." Sigh. I truly believe that I don't belong in this world now. Everything seems clearer, God doesn't want me to be here! He finds …

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I’m still alive

Gosh it's so dusty in here. Do you see the spider webs over that corner? Tomorrow will officially mark the 3rd month of my absence from WordPress, and also my mother's death. I have cried, laughed, sleep, eat, work - in an excessive amount within the period. About 3 weeks after the funeral, FashionValet offered …

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My mum and I; always just the two of us since I was born. Now she's gone. Forever. Did you know that I only learned to sleep in my own bedroom when I was 15 years old? Before that, I slept with my mum the entire time. I had the typical scared-of-the-monster-under-my-bed thing going on …

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