The KL dUCk

Assalammualaikum and hi! 

I’m in the exam week sooo everything is stressful plus with my sleepy mood ON every time I open a book haha. The rule is, you hear some music when you’re doing Maths, but when it comes to studying Biology or Chemistry for example, you go to a quite place, a complete silence is needed OMG I have to hocus focus! (Btw, Focus by Ariana Grande is coming out in 2 days 😱) 

Okay back to the main topic I am blogging about haha! 

✨ I have been ignoring my wanting to buy the KL dUCk since it was released. But somehow when I open my Instagram, dUCkscarves have always been restocking the KL dUCks! (they were to be blamed) So I asked from my friend to buy one for me since she was going to buy it too, and as usual the released time of the KL dUCks was early in the morning, and I can’t buy it on my own because I have morning classes. Unfortunately my friend also did not manage to grab one because it was rumored that the KL dUCks was released earlier than ever! So we both cried.

I, as desperate as ever, looking for anyone who wants to let go the KL dUCk in Black colour through the hashtag #klduck on Ig, managed to find one personal shopper who has two of it left! The price were increased of course but she included all of the postage fees and what not so I agreed to buy it while thinking that this is my last chance to grab one since I cannot go online shopping as I have classes half of the day. 

But! I wanted to purchase the KL dUCk a bit later because I’m in the study mood so I DON’T WANT TO FEEL GUILTY OF BUYING IT HAHAHA! I sweetly asked the personal shopper to “Can I reserve the KL dUCk for like until I finish my exams hehe” 

And she was like “Okay!” But with a little heavy-hearted..

And you know what happened! So I’m in my study week which means there were no classes, we are free for a week to really focus on studying, and then FashionValet restocked the KL dUCk! Like whaaaaat? 

I just preordered one from a personal shopper with some more extra payment! Walaweh. 

I keep on scrolling while thinking…

“You cannot break your promise Jue, you cannot break your promise to the personal shopper ” 😭  

Okay, what’s done is done, I payed to her and I got the parcel in like 2 days after that! Wow! So faaaaast. Gotta love fast delivery hehe. Alhamdulillah I looooove the material of the KL dUCk! It is sturdy! Gosh it suits everyone! Easy to shape and the scarf is lil bit shiny just enough to give that glam finishing ✨ 

*got filter*

*also got filter*





Credit to Afiqah Adnan for taking the pics 😚