The Velvet Games

Assalammualaikum peeeps! 

The Hunger Games : Mockingjay Part 2 is coming out in 4 days here in Malaysia! My heart is pounding, my hand is trembling, when I come to think of it! Thankfully that the released date of Mockingjay is within my semester break πŸ˜‰ 

Today I go for a lil bit of shopping, well most of the stuff I bought is food, as we know it is necessary for the survival of a student haha. But in the back of my mind I keep on wanting to at least buy one lipstick before I go back to college. 

The guilty feeling……when I take a peek into my purse…

Legs walking faster….towards the front door…

…….annnd the Maybelline products had to be near the front door huh?! 

My eyes sharpen, and caught a glimpse of the Velvet MATTE lipgloss.

It’s like love at the first sight.



This shade is something I never tried, but I am willing to try it today! Gosh I love it when I first apply it onto my lips and you can just see the awesome pigmentation. Since it is in the form of liquid, I believe it covers more of your lip lining perfectly and really gives you the plump lips effect (now you can be like Kylie Jenner too!)  the shade is not too bright and not too dark. Just the right blend for your lips πŸ’‹

The price is only RM34.90. Still, for a student it feels that my purse is immediately empty when I buy this hahaha. 


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