Splash Splash

This week has been cray-cray I tell you. My mum and I are moving into a new house and I have been busy unpacking boxes of stuffs and arranging it (endless of it….) so we decided to go for a retreat! 

Imagine floating and swimming in a spring water lake…..with the scorching weather nowadays, this is perfect. Plus I have a very sensitive skin so I don’t usually go to the beach. The itchiness!!!! Ugh-this-beach.




                             Picnic area

      The hut was fully occupied  so we opt for the tikar instead

                     Met someone new๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿป

                   Must wear life-jacket!

           This is amazingly beautifuuuul!

*all pictures were taken by me*

You can bring your own food and you also can cook (bring your own appliances) There is an area for barbeque here but I think you need to make a reservation first. The toilet and showers are clean! You can rent a mat if the huts are occupied. Everything is simple and fun and no fussy business, just make sure come early and enjoy!!! ๐Ÿ˜Š Feel free to ask any questions ๐Ÿ™ƒ

For more info, I suggest you visit this website ๐Ÿ‘ˆ๐Ÿผ


Aku Sudah Lama Bersediaย 

Bukan namanya hidup jika tiada naik turunnya. Di setiap naik itu aku sepertinya menjadi angkuh. Di setiap turun pula aku menjerit….”Tuhanku!!!” Lalu aku menyoal Dia, apakah hidup aku ini sentiasanya susah? Lama-lama aku jadi diam. Aku berhenti menyoal Tuhan. Aku mulai sedar. Di setiap turun itu minda aku, hati aku, jiwa aku, makin bersatu. Teguh memeluk dan terus teguh lah aku. Emosi aku kian lama tiada wujudnya. Di setiap turun itu aku tidak menyoal Tuhan, aku tidak menjerit, malah aku hanya diam. Anggukan saja menyambut setiap turun dalam hidup aku. Berderai hati ini sudah lama! Sudah merajuk! Sudah puas kupujuk! Hati ini tetap tak mahu hidup! Lembut saja, senyum saja aku menyambut dugaan. Aku sudah lama bersedia. 

Ditulis oleh Julianna, hak milik Julianna!


Tinggal saja mereka. Mereka menyusahkan. Mereka itu menyakitkan. Mereka itu punya kehidupan. Aku? Aku tak punya kehidupan? Aku ini sering ditinggalkan. Kini aku meninggalkan semua orang. Tidak betah. Aku tidak betah. Aku ini jenisnya fikir jauh, fikir banyak sekali. Celaru. Aku celaru! Lari aku ke bandar. Lalu aku perhatikan manusia. Manusia yang sifatnya sementara. Termasuk aku. Aku ini emosional. Cepat sekali terasa. Lalu aku tinggal mereka. Ego aku kembali menguasai. Sudah! Hidup sendiri saja! Leraikan hidup lama! Tapi hati aku sepi. Mereka kini tiada. Dan aku pula kembali tidak bersuara.

Ditulis oleh Julianna, hak milik Julianna!

Cereal drink appreciation post

The second thing I grab after my phone every morning is this green packet. 

I was born to eat big and fancy breakfast at home. All thanks to my mother ๐Ÿ˜ But since I’ve been in college, I seriously do not prefer frequent nasi goreng or mihun goreng every morning. It costs money and I hate that when I took breakfast a bit too heavy, I will start having stomach ache making roundabouts in my guts again and again, and then I will be reeeeally sleepy. Not good for a me as I have class from 8am till 4pm with only 1 break. 

So I chose this green packet which have a name and brand…..! 

Milo Cereal. 

The quantity of the cereal is just enough to make me full! I don’t have to munch on anything to satisfy my appetite. Which I love because this really helps me to cut down on my budget. If you ask me what I do with my expenses, I’m teling ya….

I buy food. 

Bam. There you go. 

And that’s the reason I’m carrying balls of fat on my face, my abs, and my bump everywhere. Huh. 

I also drink this before I go to bed…sometimes. #guiltypleasure 

I feel good

Woke up early (didn’t planned this), I’m so pumped up and grabbed my towel, go to shower, and I am at the cafe before the lights were even on. 

“Achik! Duduk sini boleh ke?”

“Boleh je, tapi tak boleh pasang lampu ok.”

In the dark I belong…

With a bit of light from the counter, I flipped through my Bio notes. Come on Jue, open your miiiiiiind. Become a sponge. Be a sponge. A sponge. Sponge……..

Uuuuuu is that my fav nasi goreng cili padi?!

*grabs plate*

  minimal makeup today hehe.