Faking It

Today is my rest day! So its time to put my hands on makeupssss. I bought fake eyelashes from Daiso for RM5.30 and this is my first time trying to wear fake eyelashes 😅 I watched HudaBeauty tutorial video and it looked easy…….until………
I can’t even remove the damn eyelashes properly!!

Ok now wiggle-wiggle the thing a bit.

Applied some glue and used a tweezer to apply it onto my lids.


Is it supposed to have a gap between the fake eyelashes and my real eyelashes?!?! Anyways, I applied some mascara hoping that the gap won’t be so obvious…




Hahahaha. Ok pulling them off now! Tried to apply for 30 minutes, then pull it off after 10 minutes 🙄🙄🙄  


                           The aftermath.


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