I forgot

I did something stupid again today. I am not feeling well and I’m not in the mood to do my laundry (manually). So I go to the coin laundry!

While letting my clothes swim and have fun with water, I go to the clinic nearby. After getting my meds and everything, I drove straight away to Jusco, rushing, because I have to buy Milo and a toothpaste. Why I didn’t buy them at kedai runcit? Well…I nak jalan-jalan kat Jusco juga hehe. 

As I was walking in Jusco thinking what to eat, I remembered that I left my clothes that are still in the dryer and the coin laundry!!!!!!!!!! 

Wtffffffuh. I rushed back to Sijangkang, cursing at my self, worrying that someone could steal my clothes. 

I parked in front of DOBI PAPA and ran inside and phewwwww my clothes are still in the dryer and it has cool down a bit 😅 

*last picture is not related to the story. I just found these monkeys lepak at the papan tanda hahaha. Must take picture of this


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