I wish I could

I wish I was born to be pretty. You know, the natural kind of beauty. Whilst I’m striving to build a great personality, and trying to study well, sometimes I just wish I am pretty. 

A physically beautiful person has higher advantages. They could be famous for just being pretty. While I’m here, brainstorming of how to improve my brand. 

Because I am just tired of proving myself to everyone that I am worth it. No matter how I tried being myself, making others laugh, breaking the ice, they will always choose the pretty ones. 

I wish I could have more friends without trying hard to go to events and desperately asking for their Instagram account or phone number. If I am pretty enough, for surely I would be approached first. 

It is always a battle with myself, to set my priorities. But sometimes I just wish it would be easier. I tried consuming collagen, I tried losing weight, I tried wearing prettier clothes, but I just don’t have the natural beauty, physically. Sometimes I look in the mirror feeling confident, feeling good, believing that I am beautiful. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and wonder, am I not pretty enough? 

To be invisible, to be unnoticed, to be the second choice, is what I face everyday. 

I was often asked to not have a serious face. I have this straight-face and yeah people are scared of me. They think that I am snobby and antisocial. I am so the opposite. How do I say this, that’s just my face! I am not the  you-look-beautiful-even-when-you’re-not-smiling. I was told that it makes me harder to be approached, meaning : to get a husband. Oh yes, because if I were pretty, I wouldn’t have to think of any of this shit. 

I won’t ever be the kind of friend that people will be proud of having, the pretty one.  I will just be me. And I don’t know if that’s okay. 

Am I not pretty enough? 


Glow Up

I believe that living in an area that’s far from access to Sephora and such has made me search vigorously for any makeup products that is just as good as the branded ones. 

I’ve been eyeing this particular highlighter for a while as you know how famous is the rainbow highlighter on YouTube! I found a similar rainbow highlighter, for a cheaper price πŸ˜‰ 

Working at Watsons has given me a lot of time to choose makeup products πŸ˜‚ 


  • Good pigmentation 
  • Stays for more than 5 hours
  • Blends well on cheeks, it’s not patchy
  • Doesn’t irritate my skin
  • Each of the colour can be used as eyeshadow 

I personally feel that for MYR26, this is a good enough highlighter! The colour blends well and it’s so easy to apply on. I don’t have to swipe too much of the product because the pigmentation is good for that particular price. For those who’s in the same boat as me, not wanting to spend money for pricey highlighter, try this instead! It gives you an awesome glow. I’ve been applying it to school πŸ˜† 

I am so excitedΒ 

I don’t even know how to begin writing. 

2 weeks ago, I was approached by a website mytrendingstories.com, and they offered me a contributor position for their website. I was chosen to be a writer in their website. Omg why would you choose me. To be honest, I have never heard of this website before. Me being curious as ever, asked a lot of questions. 

Mytrendingstories.com is a blogging website established in New York. They are quite new so they’re finding talented and passionate writers for their website. After days of thinking, I agreed. I will be writing as how am I writing here in WordPress! The website has much more categories, which I can choose to put that is related with my topic. I will be writing longer posts, more specific topic and more content at the website. WordPress is more to beauty and my daily activities. I hope you guys, my awesome readers, would go and visit the website okay?!?! 

For now I am not writing any articles yet as I am learning how to write with the website’s format! I will update here soon when I do ☺️ 

Let me show you a few things about the website! 

Mytrendingstories.com aims to give back the power to the writers through freedom of speech and expression. 

This part excites me the most. Plus with what’s going on in Malaysia, the government restricting writers, bloggers, cartoonist and many more from their freedom of speech, is really not helping. Not cool Jibby. 

The website also have an editor which will be at the disposal of the writers if we need them! Cool. 

Front page of the website

My profile

The categories

Example of the layout. A post that is still in progress 😁 

Why should you visit that website when you already have WordPress??

  • The power is in your fingers. You can choose the category of the topic that you want to read. Saves time.
  • The contents will be more thorough on the topic
  • You can read more articles, learn different opinions from writers from different parts of the world! 
  • The content is not limited! Freedom of speech rules. 

Again I am veryyyyy excited for this opportunity πŸ€“πŸ€“πŸ€“ A step further for me to engage with broader audience! 

Thank you for reading β˜ƒ

Book Therapy

After breaking my fast, I went to the Popular bookstore just because I miss being surrounded with books. The only way for me not to spend so much buying books, is too spend my time sitting in there and read them. 

Whenever you feel unmotivated, overwhelmed, or you just need a me time ;

πŸ’ƒπŸ» Go to your nearest bookstore

Now find the inspirational books section, and find this book. 

This book is filled with motivational quotes! Sounds boring. But you’d never know that you need some push to always keep that dream alive, your spirit alive. Or you can just find any other books that is filled with quotes too.

Next, close your eyes, randomly flip the pages and using your index finger, land it on random pages! Now open your eyes and read the quotes out loud. Don’t blame me if you’re in tears after that.

Here’s what I got, randomly.

I seriously almost cried reading these. Some of it relates to me so much that I feel a spark of hope again. I was smiling on my own, feeling so happy. When life seems a bit dull, you should do this and keep things alive again. This book is for MYR37+ 😊 

Do It YourselfΒ 

The kind of store that you can find almost everything essential???

MR. DIY !!! 

Located at Klang Parade. Look what I found (and bought…) 

The latest makeup brush for RM11.90. Whoaaaa very cheap, so I tried buying one  to see the quality (couldn’t afford to buy the expensive one…) 

The brush is super dense, the function is to absorb minimal makeup, thus, you won’t waste any foundation etc!

Using the brush. It can be used to apply foundation and contouring!! Awesome. The coverage is great, I think it does reach all of my face well. 

About the brush ;

β€’ Don’t use a lot of force when brushing it on your face, especially on the area that has acne, sensitive and such. Use it gently! 

β€’ The toothbrush shape ease you to apply any cream makeup product. 

A mini version!!!! So cute

I volunteer!Β 

You thought this post was going to be about The Hunger Games. 

Nope, I really did volunteer! Hehe. 

I planned to join volunteering a long time ago and when I finally did have my free time, I registered with the Carefugees to help give food donations to 1000 refugees. Last minute plan, Afiqah joined the bandwagon 😁 

This is my first time. Everrrrr. So scary.

I wanted to meet new people, have more friends, and give back to those in need! 

Carefugees Feed a Family distrubution day is on June 5th 2016 at Spektrum Mall, Bandar Baru Ampang. We will be distributing food baskets to about 1000 refugee families. We are looking for volunteers to help out on that day. 
There are two types of volunteers we need. 
1) Drivers with own vehicles – to drive the refugees back home after getting their food baskets. 

2) Foot soldiers – general help (i.e. Lifting goods, loading vehicles, crowd control etc)
You can volunteer for the whole day 9-5pm. Or choose a shift from 9-2pm or 1 -5pm. 

I am the driver and Afiqah is the foot soldier! Roughly, the refugees will come by car (themselves) or the bus provided, and there is a lineup for them. The foot soldiers will help arrange the food such as a bag of rice, potatoes, garlic, cooking oil, Milo, in one trolly for each individual. They will handle distributing the food to the refugees. Some of them came with their rented cars, so we will help transfer the food into their car. Some came by the bus, so they need a driver to help send them with their food to their home. That’s my role. As the driver, I will lineup too behind other drivers and the foot soldiers will transfer the food into my car, then, I will ask for their address and drive using the help of Waze, to send them home. 

Why do we need to help refugees?

The refugees came from a different background, they could have a professional career back in their country, but when their country was having crisis, they had to migrate to other countries such as Malaysia. 

Fact : Refugees were not allowed to work full time, they can only work for part time, and even that, they find it very hard to find a job these days. So how can they earn money to support their family?

That’s when the Carefugees role came in. They help donate food for students, families and more. 

Huda from Syria.

They’re from Afghanistan!

I had a lovely day getting to know these people. We embrace differences. We may talk in different language, but we unite in doing one cause. I met uncles and aunties, spending their Sunday to help others. I also met those younger than me, volunteering on Sunday. It was a great feeling seeing the refugees smile when I send them back home.

Watch out, I’ll be volunteering again! 

What’s your experience in volunteering? Share with me in the comments! 😊 

Two crazy lady in KL

Last Friday, Nadia and I went to explore Kuala Lumpur! (City of mud…) This time, as a grown up, we drove to KL ourselves with the help of Waze, and even when using Waze, we get lost in the city of mud πŸ˜‚ 

Like seriously, Stay left, stay left, turn left in 50 meters, and there I missed it! I’m in a love-hate relationship with Waze. Anyways, we arrived in KL safely and parked at the basement of KLCC which I regret most as they charge you the first minute you enter the parking lot. So don’t. 

I suggest : 

  • Go to the behind of Paramount Club nearby, and you can see there’s a parking lot space, enter the one on the most right that says RM10 per day, not the one that’s on the left!! 

Then we walked through the bridge that connects Aquaria KLCC to Pavilion and Bukit Bintang. So that’s our route! 

Nadia deciding between the two boots

And I’m just busy taking photos


Suicide Squad!!!

Hey no-head superhero


Tokyo Streeeet! (In Pavilion)

EXO amagad.

Korean makeup products! Cool but pricey

Cheap dupes but the quality is good



A seriously random hot guy that matches with me and randomnly passed by

The latest Juicy Shaker from Lancome! Awesome scent, its a lipgloss btw. 

Eating boat noodle at Klang Parade Mall

I had an awesome-crazy day with Nadia in KL and back to Klang. We need to do this more often!! Next time, we’ll do a 2D1N stay in KL so that we can explore every part of KL 😎 

Till next time, toodles πŸ’‹