Do It Yourself 

The kind of store that you can find almost everything essential???

MR. DIY !!! 

Located at Klang Parade. Look what I found (and bought…) 

The latest makeup brush for RM11.90. Whoaaaa very cheap, so I tried buying one  to see the quality (couldn’t afford to buy the expensive one…) 

The brush is super dense, the function is to absorb minimal makeup, thus, you won’t waste any foundation etc!

Using the brush. It can be used to apply foundation and contouring!! Awesome. The coverage is great, I think it does reach all of my face well. 

About the brush ;

• Don’t use a lot of force when brushing it on your face, especially on the area that has acne, sensitive and such. Use it gently! 

• The toothbrush shape ease you to apply any cream makeup product. 

A mini version!!!! So cute


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