In my journey of becoming a social influencer on Instagram, I just can’t stop myself from posting pictures that ruins my feed. 

 I like originality, I like real pictures, and all that. I am just starting to play with filters because I realized how ugly my feed look without proper lighting, thus the filter. I admire how ones Instagram feed can look so clean and then there’s me posting whatever I like. 

I share what I like.

That’s just me. Hence my presence here on WordPress! I will write about anything that I use and I love and I will share it to the world! I don’t mind that the brand or company is not paying me. I sincerely share what I like. But if they consider to pay me that’ll be better ๐Ÿ˜ 

No seriously, maybe one day people would pay me to promote their products. I’m telling this straight, I will only agree to that kind of job if only I like what I’m using. If it’s effective, I surely will promote the product! I’m being honest here okay.

Last thought for today ๐Ÿค“

Thank you thank YOU for reading ๐Ÿ˜š 


Don’t Hire Me

Hi I’m Julianna Azman Ong and the worst thing I would do if you hire me to work in your company is….

Sneaking out to buy food even though it is not my break time. 

Since I’m working part time now, I have only 1 holy hour for break and it might seems enough. It is not. I am full for 3 hours after and then I started crawling for food. The only law that I would violate at work place is, going out to buy food even when I have work to do. 

Reminder : Need to bring lots of snacks. 

I have sudden cravings or its just me thinking of what to eat what to eat what to eat. I think about diet for a while and then I ran straight to McDonalds. Help mehhhhhh my mind and stomach is not connected and it just want to gobble down on food even when I am not hungry. Like, I’ve been questioning myself isn’t this the time to eat? 

So yeah think twice before you hire me. Prepare lots of food in the pantry to keep me in the office. 

Thank you for reading โ˜บ๏ธ 

1 Malaysia Debt of Billions

It’s amazing how Najib is in total deep shit and there Malaysians still supporting him. That just shows how people don’t read and do research much. All we do is listen to others and go with ones opinion. I can’t believe how we’ve all been lied and manipulated since 2009. This Najib and the 1MDB scandal and corruption is so mindblowing. The story is very long and takes time to understand. But once you finish reading this article, it’ll shed some light and you’ll see Najib as a whole different person. 

Read on 1MDB here ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy! Have a coffee or Milo by your side hehe. 


KLANG-4th OCTOBER 2015, A man committed suicide in a local mall. From the witness who saw the incident happened, the man jumped from the 3rd floor without hesitation.

โ€œAnother suicide?! That mall is going to be haunted la!โ€
โ€œHe crazy or what?! Must got mental problem. So scared.โ€
โ€œSo stupid! Why go kill yourself? Problems can be settled.โ€
Nobody asked why the guy commited suicide. Or what he was thinking at that time, what made him do it, and whether he has a mental problem or not. See, this is what we overlooked. We are so used to thinking that everything is okay, until we never want to admit or accept when something is wrong. Malaysians have a hard time accepting the fact that people can have mental problems. I spoke to lots of parents admitting that they would be ashamed if their child had a mental problem. My teacher shared with me about some of her students, and a nephew had the signs of having a mental problem. We talked about getting their parents to bring their child to the psychiatrist. My teacher said that their parents would never accept the fact that their child might be having a mental problem. Most parents are still in doubt of bringing their child to the psychiatrist for an evaluation.
To Malaysians,
mental problem = gila/crazy
Having mental problems is equal to being in Hospital Bahagia, being abandoned by family members, and not being able to take care of themselves.
What a shame. I pity those who never got the chance to at least recover and learn how to handle their mental health. Especially children, because they are still very young and they have much bigger chance of coping and recovering with whatever mental problems they might have. Why don’t we treat mental problem the same as other diseases? It also links to other health problems too!
Let’s say if Patient E had a breast cancer. The patient would be advised that there is still hope, and not to be sad, and all the encouragements. Why? Because the doctor wouldn’t want the patient to start getting depressed of her health, because that will only worsen her health. Vice versa, mental health could also link you to other health problems. We need to realise this is real, it is happening, it is spreading even worse, in this world. We cannot leave these people behind. We must stand by their side, supporting every ups and downs. We can’t compare other people’s life with ours and the way we handle it. That is unfair. We all live a different life, a different struggle. What’s even worse is getting pushed out and not accepted by our closest ones when we have a mental problem.


I have never been so tired until I miss school for 2 days. I am trying to have a good attendance to school but man, exhaustion takes over me. 

I have been juggling between working part time after school, plus 5 days of schooling, and on top of that, my Mandarin class. 

This week is officially the tiring week ever!!! I am having fun being busy and all that but it is no fun when I am just so so tired that I started not coming to school just because I overslept. Gosh I really need to set my priorities straight. I need to buckle up and work hard for what I signed for! 

*swallows more Gingko Biloba pills*

I wanted to blog but I just don’t have the energy to hold my phone hahaha. It’s weird how sleeping from 1am to 6:30am used to be enough for me but now, almost everyday I had a hard time waking up! Never letting go of my bed. Too attached. No, seriously. Am I that mentally and physically tired? I thought more sleep means more energy but the cycle of me not getting enough rest will repeat again. School from 6am to 1pm and then drive to work from 2pm to 10pm and then only I reach home and can sleep. Plus my time with my phone, so , I usually sleep at 1am. 

Gotta think and manage this issue as soon as possible. It’s between life and death ๐Ÿ˜ญ

3 Steps of Facing Bullshits

I stumbled upon a problem but then I managed to realize that it is not a problem at all! Want to know the magic way?


a) Put your emotions aside for a while

b) Put your thinking cap ON!

c) Ask yourself, “Is it a problem?” 


a) Oh its not your problem! You’re just feeling a lil bit emo about it. 

b) Question

  • Does it affect your life, study, money?
  • Do you really must care?

c) Let it go. Let it go.


a) Focus on the REAL problem (eg: exam, money, weight, blabla)

b) Now, why must it be in your head? Bullshits doesn’t deserve a space in your mind. You’re expensive, fabulous, rich bitch, glamorous, don’t let the meaningless and useless things be in your mind. Be selfish. 

Example : 

Be Kendall. 

Take a pause and do these steps faster as you face “problems” and you might just realize that you’re lot more happier ๐Ÿ˜‰ 

Thank you for reading. Follow me on Instagram @jueazmanong ๐Ÿ˜˜ 

Sneak into my playlistย 

Sharing with yall my current list of favorite songs EVERRRRRR! 

I am the type who listens to this one song because I’m so obsessed with it but once I get bored I won’t be listening to it again. I hate myself for being like this ๐Ÿ˜‚ I am trying to be more loyal though. 

  1. Everyday-MGK
  2. Kotak Hati-Hujan (local M’sia band)
  3. Sad Boy-G-Eazy
  4. Monster-Jay Z, Kanye, Nicki Minaj…
  5. Xia Yi Bu-Shila Amzah
  6. Jealous-Beyonce
  7. Everyday-Ariana Grande
  8. M.I.L.F.-Fergie
  9. Six Weeks-Of Monsters and Men
  10. Organs-Of Monsters and Men 
  11. You Don’t Own Me-Grace ft G-Eazy
  12. Tear In My Heart-twentyonepilots
  13. Heavydirtysoul-twentyonepilots
  14. Stargazing-Daiyan Trisha 
  15. Side to Side-Ariana Grande ft Nicki

There you go! Top 15 songs ๐Ÿ˜ I would love to know what you’re hearing to and what your fav songs are, pleeeease share it with me in the comments! I like to hear to what others are listening, in that way, I can find cool songs that I’ve never heard of. 
Thank you for reading! 

Deep shit

I’m just going to tell this straight. 

I am good with pushing people out of my life. When ego takes over, I just don’t give a damn. For now, I don’t mind meeting my old friends back, connecting. Connection is very important for me. But I can feel the distance building, I can feel that it’s just not the same, then that’s okay too. I am just a boring individual, you surely wouldn’t want to go out with me. I am at my lowest point, but I am building my life again, not looking back, and focusing on what’s ahead. So those who would want to join me onboard, welcome. Let’s be friends and chase our dreams. Those who won’t, let me escort you out. 

My success and my downs are up to me and only me. I thank those who have been a part of my life. Thank you for influencing me to be a better person. Thank you for leaving because now I learned so much more. I am totally a different person now. But I would always be myself with the ones I love. I have to stop proving myself to anyone. No point of having friends only when I succeed.  Until then, until I reach to be a successful person, and I will, the only person I will thank is myself. Thank you dear self for being strong and able to go through hardships. Thank you Julianna for surviving life.