Sneak into my playlist 

Sharing with yall my current list of favorite songs EVERRRRRR! 

I am the type who listens to this one song because I’m so obsessed with it but once I get bored I won’t be listening to it again. I hate myself for being like this 😂 I am trying to be more loyal though. 

  1. Everyday-MGK
  2. Kotak Hati-Hujan (local M’sia band)
  3. Sad Boy-G-Eazy
  4. Monster-Jay Z, Kanye, Nicki Minaj…
  5. Xia Yi Bu-Shila Amzah
  6. Jealous-Beyonce
  7. Everyday-Ariana Grande
  8. M.I.L.F.-Fergie
  9. Six Weeks-Of Monsters and Men
  10. Organs-Of Monsters and Men 
  11. You Don’t Own Me-Grace ft G-Eazy
  12. Tear In My Heart-twentyonepilots
  13. Heavydirtysoul-twentyonepilots
  14. Stargazing-Daiyan Trisha 
  15. Side to Side-Ariana Grande ft Nicki

There you go! Top 15 songs 😍 I would love to know what you’re hearing to and what your fav songs are, pleeeease share it with me in the comments! I like to hear to what others are listening, in that way, I can find cool songs that I’ve never heard of. 
Thank you for reading! 


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