3 Steps of Facing Bullshits

I stumbled upon a problem but then I managed to realize that it is not a problem at all! Want to know the magic way?


a) Put your emotions aside for a while

b) Put your thinking cap ON!

c) Ask yourself, “Is it a problem?” 


a) Oh its not your problem! You’re just feeling a lil bit emo about it. 

b) Question

  • Does it affect your life, study, money?
  • Do you really must care?

c) Let it go. Let it go.


a) Focus on the REAL problem (eg: exam, money, weight, blabla)

b) Now, why must it be in your head? Bullshits doesn’t deserve a space in your mind. You’re expensive, fabulous, rich bitch, glamorous, don’t let the meaningless and useless things be in your mind. Be selfish. 

Example : 

Be Kendall. 

Take a pause and do these steps faster as you face “problems” and you might just realize that you’re lot more happier 😉 

Thank you for reading. Follow me on Instagram @jueazmanong 😘 


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