I have never been so tired until I miss school for 2 days. I am trying to have a good attendance to school but man, exhaustion takes over me. 

I have been juggling between working part time after school, plus 5 days of schooling, and on top of that, my Mandarin class. 

This week is officially the tiring week ever!!! I am having fun being busy and all that but it is no fun when I am just so so tired that I started not coming to school just because I overslept. Gosh I really need to set my priorities straight. I need to buckle up and work hard for what I signed for! 

*swallows more Gingko Biloba pills*

I wanted to blog but I just don’t have the energy to hold my phone hahaha. It’s weird how sleeping from 1am to 6:30am used to be enough for me but now, almost everyday I had a hard time waking up! Never letting go of my bed. Too attached. No, seriously. Am I that mentally and physically tired? I thought more sleep means more energy but the cycle of me not getting enough rest will repeat again. School from 6am to 1pm and then drive to work from 2pm to 10pm and then only I reach home and can sleep. Plus my time with my phone, so , I usually sleep at 1am. 

Gotta think and manage this issue as soon as possible. It’s between life and death 😭


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