In my journey of becoming a social influencer on Instagram, I just can’t stop myself from posting pictures that ruins my feed. 

 I like originality, I like real pictures, and all that. I am just starting to play with filters because I realized how ugly my feed look without proper lighting, thus the filter. I admire how ones Instagram feed can look so clean and then there’s me posting whatever I like. 

I share what I like.

That’s just me. Hence my presence here on WordPress! I will write about anything that I use and I love and I will share it to the world! I don’t mind that the brand or company is not paying me. I sincerely share what I like. But if they consider to pay me that’ll be better 😏 

No seriously, maybe one day people would pay me to promote their products. I’m telling this straight, I will only agree to that kind of job if only I like what I’m using. If it’s effective, I surely will promote the product! I’m being honest here okay.

Last thought for today 🤓

Thank you thank YOU for reading 😚 


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