I can go to events already 

Hi! Waddup readers 🤓 Last Saturday, I attended the ASEAN YOUNG ENTREPRENEUR CARNIVAL 2016 at Matrade, Kuala Lumpur as an invitation from them. Lemme brief you bout the event. #AYEC2016 is a 2 day program, the main purpose is for our young entrepreneurs to network, meet investors, pitch your idea, and all that. It really benefits those who are hungry to build more connections. The 2 day event are divided into 3 parts, 

The first day and second day is The Expo (free for everyone to come) and The Field (have to pay, there are invited speakers from ASEAN countries), the closing ceremony of the second day is The Applause (Have to pay also, award night). This event also gives awards to the selected companies and entrepreneurs! The award night is The Applause. 

I got the all access pass. (Sounds damn cool)  which I get as an invitation 😎 

Guess what, I came for The Applause only haha. I am really excited for the awards night! I dressed up formally, arrived at Matrade 2 hours early before the night, just to walk around and I got asked if I have my business card. 

Like, I’m 19 and I am here because of an invitation onlyyyy gosh. They’re all grabbing clients aren’t they! 

The whole price for the 2 day event is RM350. This is a seriously a great chance  for youngsters, startups, anyone, with great ideas, and the will, yall need to be here and meet awesome people. To succeed now we are the ones that have to search for opportunities. Be HUNGRY! 

Okay now I’m hungry imma go eat. 

Thank you for reading 👽 


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