The truth

As the Japanese says, 

Yes, hello my friends from high school, my classmates, everyone, who’s reading this post. The truth to be spilled out today!

I’m a bitch. I’m a saint. I’m heartless. I’m weak. I have different faces that I put when dealing with different people. Right now, I put the saint face with my classmates. Most of them don’t know how a bitch I am and how I cursed A LOT. Nowhere near saint huh? Secondly, I am a bitch when I’m comfortable with someone, to show my alter ego, and not being afraid of them judging me. Thirdly, I can be as heartless as you can imagine. Sometimes, I ignore kids crying just because I feel that it annoys me. Yeap phew there you go. Why do I, do we, put on different faces with different people? We all do. Admit it. You may not realize it. Well, that is how we adapt. We be more polite with a more classy people around us. We be a badass with those who enjoys life to the fullest. I know who I am when I’m driving alone. Only I know that. It is not easy to find someone who can accept you the way you really are. We’ve been denying our weakness, but deep down, we know. 

So who you are tonight?



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