Gila-book review

A book review! Yayyy. 

I accidentally found this book at Popular and I was in a mind battle with myself, screaming  you don’t want to buy this you don’t want to buy this and the next thing I know is, the cashier was smiling to me while giving me a receipt. This book is quite thin and the content was so tempting to read! An issue related with what I had experienced and what Malaysia seems to be lacking of awareness about it. 

Mental Health

Title : Gila (crazy) A Journey Through Moods and Madness

Author : Hanna Alkaf

Plus, 25% rebate on the book!!!! What could be better. 

Basically, the book reveals true short stories of Malaysians with all kinds of mental illnesses. It may be quite a norm to those non-Malaysians, but, the situation in Malaysia now is that we seriously lack mental health awareness. To have a mental problem would be something very shameful, and had to be kept a secret. In reality, I have encountered many parents who are still reluctant to bring their kids to the psychiatrist when they are suspected with ADHD. The stigma is still strong. Although the situation has improved nowadays, with more organizations or movements to help battle with the stigma surrounding mental illness, and we also have a helpline for those who feel suicidal, or just want to talk to someone. 

This book were narrated by Hanna very well, the English used was simple and easy to understand. I enjoy reading it seriously. The short stories gives a peek into what a person with mental illness feels like. That itself is what important for Malaysians. We ignore because we don’t know. Hanna Alkaf unraveled all that, plus, with limited facts, statistics, regarding the issue, to help steer readers into what is happening now. Hanna also provides tips on how to handle, what you should do, and my most favorite of all, a list of mental institution that you could go to get help, by the end of the book. 

I tried to find the book on the Popular Bookstore Malaysia’s website for you but it was not available. Maybe you can find them at MPH etc. A must read! 

Thank you for reading 🤓




The age of exploring into the grownups world. We start to pay bills on our own, drive out to places without depending on anyone, and know when we should go to the clinic when we’re sick.

By this time, I realized what I want if I were to be in a relationship. To be honest, I am not looking to be in a relationship because I have build a wall so high around my heart, preventing anyone from hurting me. Only I can hurt myself. 

Okay so let’s imagine if I have a boyfriend. What do I want from him if he were to be my husband? Well…

  1. I want a guy who doesn’t follow everything I say. It’s weird how women nowadays want their partner to obey to everything they say. It may sound all cotton candy sweet, but in reality, I want a guy who can make decisions. Rational decisions. That shows the maturity of the partner, being able to think before agreeing to something, meaning that he/she won’t be easily influenced by a third person. That is what they’re for, correct me if I’m wrong, and vice versa. 
  2. A guy who values time. They know the importance of being punctual!!! This is a little portion of having a good attitude. Is what turns on women 😏 I cannot deal with people who cannot be punctual, even worse, thinking this as a laughing matter. That gives a peek into what your manners are like. 
  3. Hygiene!!!!! I am trying so hard not to judge a person physically, but seriously, hygiene problems turns off ANYONE! Unless you do have a skin problem and such, I would understand that, as I also have eczema and a sensitive skin. But a bad hygiene just shows up clearly dude. The fingernails, nose hairs, ear wax, and so on. Thinking how I must change a person before getting married just means that we do not belong together anymore. 

What qualities are you looking for in your partner? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading 🤓