6 Mermaid Matte Lip Cream for free

The best thing happened to end my 2016, I won a freaking lipstick giveaway. The hell?? It was pure luck yes I know but gosh it feels so good!!! 😭 The giveaway were hosted by Kamelia Cosmetics (@kameliacosmetics on Instagram) and the prize is all 6 MMLCs (worth RM220) for one lucky person! I love how they emphasize the use of mermaids to all of their customers. 

Wearing Nerissa

From the top, Venus, Pearl, Nixie, Ariel, Jewel, Nerissa 

Thank you so much Kamelia Cosmetics!!! You made my day, seriously. 

Review :

  • Creamy matte but dries fast
  • Super pigmented!
  • Feels a bit sticky, it’s not really doesn’t-feel-anything-kinda-matte you know, since it is RM39 each so I think that’ll excuse it.
  • I advice using a lipliner before applying because the applicator is a bit tricky to create a flawless application. And my hands are not so steady hehe. 
  • Infused with Argan oil, smells just nice and not too strong.
  • No allergic reaction so far
  • Long lasting



How to love

Screaming and crying in my bed, saying I just don’t want to get hurt. 

I don’t want to get hurt.

I tell myself.

And I slowly take a step back, avoiding love. And I slowly shut all the doors to my heart. And that’s how I slowly died inside. As long as I don’t get hurt, I tell myself. 


We’re so broken. Life turned us into such a broken person. We are not able to love another person wholeheartedly after one heartbreak. We avoid falling in love. We ask questions hundreds of times just to make sure that that person, still loves us. In the end of the day, we’re just so broken. 

Exploring Klang with Afiqah!

We can’t decide where to go, it is between KL and Klang. But……Klang? What’s there to explore? I know everything and every single place here, but do I? 

Since I am the only person who can drive, the first place that I reeeeeally want to go is the Chinese Cemetery. Gosh I have been passing by the cemetery for years, but never actually been there. I expect the view would be spectacular. Btw, the cemetery is on top of a hill, a small one. 

Klang is filled with buildings and to see a view of it…..is so amazing. The weather is perfect. We sat there for a while, enjoying the view. 

Next stop, Klang Town!

MPK was all over the place, giving out tickets to cars that parked without a coupon. I, obey to the law, bought parking coupon for 5 hours which is RM2.50 only! Why not? Don’t waste your time and money having to pay the ticket. Now I can jalan jalan peacefully. I admit I am wrong thinking that I know every part of Klang. I do not! We found an old bakery, with super cheap bread and pastries. I swear I am going to buy Saree next year at Little India. So damn pretty. Baju kurung is so boring now haha. 

Thank you for reading