Exploring Klang with Afiqah!

We can’t decide where to go, it is between KL and Klang. But……Klang? What’s there to explore? I know everything and every single place here, but do I? 

Since I am the only person who can drive, the first place that I reeeeeally want to go is the Chinese Cemetery. Gosh I have been passing by the cemetery for years, but never actually been there. I expect the view would be spectacular. Btw, the cemetery is on top of a hill, a small one. 

Klang is filled with buildings and to see a view of it…..is so amazing. The weather is perfect. We sat there for a while, enjoying the view. 

Next stop, Klang Town!

MPK was all over the place, giving out tickets to cars that parked without a coupon. I, obey to the law, bought parking coupon for 5 hours which is RM2.50 only! Why not? Don’t waste your time and money having to pay the ticket. Now I can jalan jalan peacefully. I admit I am wrong thinking that I know every part of Klang. I do not! We found an old bakery, with super cheap bread and pastries. I swear I am going to buy Saree next year at Little India. So damn pretty. Baju kurung is so boring now haha. 

Thank you for reading 


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