6 Mermaid Matte Lip Cream for free

The best thing happened to end my 2016, I won a freaking lipstick giveaway. The hell?? It was pure luck yes I know but gosh it feels so good!!! 😭 The giveaway were hosted by Kamelia Cosmetics (@kameliacosmetics on Instagram) and the prize is all 6 MMLCs (worth RM220) for one lucky person! I love how they emphasize the use of mermaids to all of their customers. 

Wearing Nerissa

From the top, Venus, Pearl, Nixie, Ariel, Jewel, Nerissa 

Thank you so much Kamelia Cosmetics!!! You made my day, seriously. 

Review :

  • Creamy matte but dries fast
  • Super pigmented!
  • Feels a bit sticky, it’s not really doesn’t-feel-anything-kinda-matte you know, since it is RM39 each so I think that’ll excuse it.
  • I advice using a lipliner before applying because the applicator is a bit tricky to create a flawless application. And my hands are not so steady hehe. 
  • Infused with Argan oil, smells just nice and not too strong.
  • No allergic reaction so far
  • Long lasting



2 thoughts on “6 Mermaid Matte Lip Cream for free

  1. OMG u’re sooo lucky. I’ve been drooling over these drop dead cute lip creams n just dying to get some. Please please post up some swatches and do a more thorough review so I can noe whether they’re worth the splurge? lol. Thanx a bunch!

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