Do’s and dont’s at the GYM

Ok some of it are just pure common sense but here you go, what you should do and should not do when you’re at the gym!


  1. Bring a small towel, don’t want your sweat dripping off on the machines…
  2. Wear a proper workout outfit and shoes. A cool and light material is the best kind of sporting attire. Do not wear sneakers peeps especially if you are planning to use the workout machines!
  3. Ask the person in charge at the counter if you do not know how to use a machine. It’s okay if it is your first time and you don’t even know how to use the treadmill, be brave and ASK! 
  4. Preferably do some research on types of workouts and the proper way to exercise or warm up before coming to the gym. You don’t want to hurt yourself by assuming you know how to use the machines. Unless you have a trainer or a friend there.


  1. Bring kids or your whole family to play around and disturb the people around who are trying to workout. If you do, please monitor and control them.
  2. Do not bring men into the women’s area and vice versa. Respect the rules and the people who wants that kind of privacy. 
  3. Do not simply use a machine if you don’t know how, this is to avoid any injuries and from you looking silly infront of everyone.

I think that’s it? 

Comment below of the do’s and dont’s at the gym that you can think of!

I lost another 3kg! Latest weight is 82kg. 3kg more and I am no longer is the 80s range weight 🙆🏻 Come one peeps, YOU CAN DO IT. 


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