Gym with Jue

I lost 6kg and my current weight is 82kg.

Took me months to lose 6kg, definitely not a 3 months program and lose 15kg! I don’t have a trainer, I started with running at the gym for only 20 minutes and then I head off home. Now I spent at least 2 hours at the gym. Let me share with you my journey. It is definitely not a pretty one, as it is full of ups and downs.

Early of 2016 I decided to go register as a gym member because I hate running outdoor. I lack focus and weirdly ran slower than I am on the treadmill. I used an app for running which you can download any from the App/Playstore, and it helped me to run properly. Before this I would just run or walk on the treadmill and when I started sweating I think that is enough. Can you imagine at first I could not even run for a full 60 seconds? And that was not even on a high speed. So this app helps you to find your pace in running. You enter your weight and height and they will set the suitable starting pace for you. You actually don’t have to run super fast like crazy! The app taught me to alternate between running, walking, and sprinting. Of course they have a cool down moment as well. As time goes by, the period of either running/sprinting becomes longer, and you have to push yourself and not cheat, to keep up with the training. 

I was so happy when I can run for a full 6 minutes. How funny it seems now! Today I am proud to say that I can run steadily 1km at 6.0 speed. I have a lot of bad days… It’s true that losing weight is easy but to keep fit and consistent with your training is not. I am still far away from my target weight. Trying to lose another 3kg so that I no longer be in the 80kgs range. 

I am truly inspired by a close friend that said he always run 10km straight whenever he goes to the gym. I think that’s impossible to do at first. After running for a while, with a maximum of 4km on the treadmill in one go, one day I decided to do a 10km run. But I break it down into 4+3+3. My legs can’t afford a straight 10km run dude when I’m at 8km I already feel like amputating my legs haha. And yaaaaas I did it. It took me months to start from running for 20mins until today, I can run a 10km with breaks in between. What I am trying to say is, plan your workout and don’t be easily challenged by others at the gym in a negative way. Compete with yourself and not the person next to you.

I see a lot of people coming in not knowing how to use a machine properly and they don’t bother to ask. Such a shame. There is no need to feel intimidated by others. They have already started a long time ago, and you are just starting now, and that is totally okay. Focus on you and push your limit every time you go to the gym. Do some research or ask anyone at the gym the proper way to do a workout. Trust me, it won’t be a smooth journey, depending on each individual mental and physical strength. I have lots of bad days and I do skip sometimes a week from going to the gym. There are times where I can do a lot of workouts in 2 hours, really maximizing my time but there are times for instance right now as I’m writing this, I just stopped running at 2.5km and don’t feel like continuing at all. It’s weird. But you never stop going. Either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow, you go get your ass back in the gym! One thing I always keep in mind is, whatever kind of workout that makes your heart rate goes faster will make you lose weight. So never get too comfortable once you can run for example 3km, always push yourself to do more. My running sessions are always sweaty and uncomfortable. Most of the time if I feel like stopping at a certain time, I would. I go and do other cardio workouts and take a break. And then I get back on the treadmill. Last tip! You know that moment where you feel damn tired and thirsty and just wanna go home after exercising? My trick is, lie down on the yoga mat and sleep for a few minutes. Or do crunches. Any light workouts. Take a break even for 20 minutes because then you won’t feel the urge to go home anymore. Just rest for a while, I promise you the feeling will go away. 


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