No Rush

Because people show different sides of them to different kind of people, so it takes times to get to know them all. 

Have you ever wondered why is it that your only true friends are the ones you’ve fought with? Because we have seen almost all sides of them. The good one, sad, happy, and bad ones. And after all that, if you stick with them, then that’s a good sign. 

That’s how I think we should apply in getting to know people or maybe your partner. Of course we’d all want a happy moment to be cherished but if we don’t see both sides of the coin of a person, how are we supposed to know them from inside and out? It takes a long time. In the end, it’s like gambling. You can try the best tricks to make it work but if it’s not meant to be then it won’t happen. Although I believe we should try to give all of our efforts before giving in.  

Just a thought for tonight. 


1 week off socmed

I’ve uninstalled Whatsapp before for 2 days before surrendering and I end up receiving lots of notifications and just laughing to myself that there are people who seeks for me. Hihi. 

Now I am officially off from Whatsapp, Instagram and Twitter for 1 good week. I was thinking of making it 2 weeks but nah that is too long as I might miss some important shits. 

I am 30 minutes early to 3rd April but yeah that’s when the countdown starts! 


No peeking nor emergency installing the apps back. I notify only my mum to iMessage me instead of Whatsapp. That’s what only matters. In the meantime, all of my free time spent not on social media, I will read books and study and actually think! And not just scroll past through pictures etc. Gonna spend a quality time with my mind and soul. I have been incredibly emotional for the past few days and a lot have been going through my mind. Let’s take a break and really study Julianna. How was your experience doing this before?