Julianna tries clean eating

I made up my mind that if I don’t change what I eat, all of my efforts working out would be a waste. Back in the days when I first go to the gym, I would drive up to Mcd drive-thru afterwards for a Happy Meal. I thought the kids portion would have less calories and won’t really affect me. 

AND I WAS WRONG! (obviously 😒)

With my (I would consider) serious pimples and inflammation going on my cheeks, and after a lil of research of the causes of my skin right now, I am determined to change what I eat. I am lazy to cook anything if I’m hungry at that time. I am impatient and want food to come to me as soon as possible 😂 So Mamak and Mcd are the closest to my house. Very dangerous you see…

All those fried food, lots of white rice, roti nan, thosai, roti canai…might have contributed to my skin breaking out right now or made it even worst 😭 I Googled some of the grocery list for anti-inflammation food and bought some of it right away! 

RM44 is the total 😂 I had exact RM44 in my purse at that time and had to calculate the total before lining up at the counter and not end up in a walk of shame! My classmate told me to start juicing, as she drink it as a meal replacement for the 3 main courses. It works as she said. I blended broccoli and apples and to my surprise, all those fibres really fill up my stomach fast! Burppp. I’m full! Infusing olive oil in everything I cook is what I’m trying to do, baking potato chips with a drizzle of olive oil, and putting some more on the sprouted bread oh yummms. Not really a pleasure for my appetite to be honest 😂 

Damn grocery shopping is even expensive now with all these clean eating happening! 


Luahan hati

I did a lot of bad stuff that nobody would ever imagine me doing. From taking off my hijab to drinking…it definitely shocked a lot of my friends. I see one by one people leaving out of my life, permanently. I apologize if I’ve let down anyone who’ve seen me change. I’m sorry for what I am now. But..

You want me to be honest? I am not religious. Ever since having depression my faith have decreased day by day. I’m in the phase of trying ‘things’ out. Whatever rebellious thing you have in mind, but not all haha! I smoked before but I didn’t become addicted at all, luckily, I just have the urge to rebel and ruin my health for a while haha. 

Friends, I understand that with what I’ve become now, you must want to distance yourself from me. I admit I do feel hurt. Sad. I can’t blame anyone because I push people away all the time. I always ruin my relationship with other people. 

So this comes back fair to me. When I share pictures on Instagram, I do it because well I want to share and I like what I’m doing at the moment. Again, if you feel like you’re following a bad person that gives such a bad influence, just unfollow me. Friends nor family, I don’t mind. 

I also understand that you mustn’t want a person who used to drink etc like me to be anywhere near or breathe the same air as you, scared that I’d spread out my sins haha. Slowly I am trying to accept the fact that some people just doesn’t want you to be associated in their life anymore. For that reason, I am backing off entirely. Life is full of suspense of what shit is gonna happen next and whether the shit will float or be flushed smoothly.