About Me

I wish I can say Hello in all languages to you! I’m 19. I get excited, I squealed, whenever I see Sephora. Oh makeup come to meeee. 

Even when I travel to Melaka for example, I make the most out of it. I pretend like I’ve never been there, and I try to explore more. Do you do the same thing? #yourock 

I also realized that I spend soooo much in buying books. But I always remind myself..

“Money spent on books for knowledge are never wasted.” 😂 

Um you don’t want to go shopping with me. Like seriously 🙄 I spend a loooooong time thinking before buying and really indulge into the product, I try to notice every detail. Hehe. Thank you for reading About Me! 

💌 Email me at juliannaong5@gmail.com

❣ Instagram : @jueazmanong



2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi Julianna! thanks so much for stopping by my blog and the like, and you know what! I had pizza for dinner today, so maybe you got a scent of that and came my way! and I agree with you that books are great and am collecting art books since about 2 decades now, so that is my personal passion…cant get enough of it, well thanks again for stopping by and have a good evening! hugs

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