A day in BangsarĀ 

This post was meant to be written on Monday but I’ve been delaying in since forever because I’m not in the mood to blog. I’m not like busy or anything, I also don’t really celebrate Hari Raya so there’s no reason for me to be lazy! Julianna you need to deal with yo self girl. Stop delaying shits. Ugh such a procrastinator. One thing I would never delay doing is…..eating. 

Okay so what am I doing in Bangsar on Monday?!?! Meeting my in-laws? Shopping for raya? Wasting my gas? 

The last one is kinda true but it is sooooo worth it. I drove all the way to Bangsar because I want to meet the amazing, the beautiful, the genius, the fabulous……..Vivy Yusof! It’s not like she wants to meet me or anything, she posted on Instagram that she’ll be coming to the FashionValet store in Bangsar at 11am! And the crazy little me whispered that I should wake up early and go to Bangsar Village 2. I’ve been there before so this is my second time, and along the way, I wanted to buy some makeup from Catrice Cosmetics (drugstore) at Guardian in BV2. Omg guys, the drugstore brand is already so so so cheap and on that day, they’re having a 30% discount on selected items!!!!!

WTH? I looooove discounts. 

You need this. RM8+ for awesomely pigmented glitter eyeshadow?! YES. I repeat, you need this.

THIS IS CRAZYLY PIGMENTED!! I don’t know how to caps lock this anymore but I have been looking for a matte eyeshadow and I swear by this, RM8+ also peeps! I’m so gonna cry. 

RM17+ for a lipstick?! Smells so gooood, it is pigmented and ahhhhhhh I love everything about this lipstick. It is moisturizing and doesn’t dry my lips at all.

All this for RM34+. Worth my trip. I get 3 products! You can go to Guardian’s website and search for the Catrice Cosmetics in the nearest store to you. 

*wearing all 3 products for this look

Last but not least………….

Iman was there earlier and she was folding clothes. The girl boss is coming! 

Waiting for Vivy to finish chatting with this Aunty. Aunty can you hurry up?! 

I am surprised at how calm I was when I asked for a picture with her. I swear I usually squeal and you know, do things that embarrassed myself when I’m excited. It really made my day and I could not stop smiling when I see this picture. Today and tomorrow got 10% off all products so go crazy okay?!-Vivy said to me. šŸ˜­