My acne scars fade in a month.

What? ACNE SCARS TAKE FOREVER TO DISAPPEAR. After battling with my acne by consuming Doxycycline for 5 months, I won the battle and I am left with one pimple on my left cheek. Both of my cheeks are now filled with acne scars. HUNDREDS OF EM’.

From my research, Vitamin C is the best for treating hyperpigmentation or acne scars/dark spots. It is available in the form of serum and tablets, so I go for both. At first I bought Hiruscar Post-Acne gel, I’m not sure if it works, the progress is slow so after 2 tube I stopped. Then I bought Hakubi White C Plus supplement. I think the best way to get rid of the acne scars is from inside out. There are many Vitamin C supplements out there but which one gives a rapid result (In a safe way)? I asked a pharmacist and she said yes you can consume any Vitamin C, but she suggest this Hakubi supplement as she gets good review from those who’ve tried it. (The pharmacist is not a promoter of any product btw.) I am also in no way of promoting anything, just take a look at my pictures below.

The first picture is on 9th December 2017 and the second is on 30th December 2017. Ok so less than a month??? You can see the difference on your own. I seriously didn’t notice this until I look at the before picture. I have been taking comparison photos ever since I got severe acne and put it all in an album titled Doxycycline Journey hahaha. I want to see progress.

So this is the product :

*It is not halal certificated but it dont have any animal derivative

Bought it from Watsons for RM90 on promo but the original price is RM122. Yes I also know the name “White C Plus” sounds like I’m obsessed with getting a whiter skin but no guys, I just want to make my acne scars disappear. Also, I am used to drinking 3L of water everyday. Water is necessary for better results, and don’t just drink water because you want it to work, but make it as your routine, your savior, for your own health. I won’t be continuing using this product, don’t get me wrong, it really works, but I am going for a new supplement that is for both hair & skin. Saves money on my side hehe. The new supplement I got contains the same key ingredients as in Hakubi, so I am glad on that part, just that the amount is lesser. I will be reviewing the new local product in a month or two, to see if it works. Hopefully it does from all the great reviews I read!

Head on to my Instagram, @juliannaong to see what my favorite local brand lipstick and best drugstore foundation that I personally tried and love!

An honest review by me, not sponsored, and the results are displayed as evidence.




The age of exploring into the grownups world. We start to pay bills on our own, drive out to places without depending on anyone, and know when we should go to the clinic when we’re sick.

By this time, I realized what I want if I were to be in a relationship. To be honest, I am not looking to be in a relationship because I have build a wall so high around my heart, preventing anyone from hurting me. Only I can hurt myself. 

Okay so let’s imagine if I have a boyfriend. What do I want from him if he were to be my husband? Well…

  1. I want a guy who doesn’t follow everything I say. It’s weird how women nowadays want their partner to obey to everything they say. It may sound all cotton candy sweet, but in reality, I want a guy who can make decisions. Rational decisions. That shows the maturity of the partner, being able to think before agreeing to something, meaning that he/she won’t be easily influenced by a third person. That is what they’re for, correct me if I’m wrong, and vice versa. 
  2. A guy who values time. They know the importance of being punctual!!! This is a little portion of having a good attitude. Is what turns on women 😏 I cannot deal with people who cannot be punctual, even worse, thinking this as a laughing matter. That gives a peek into what your manners are like. 
  3. Hygiene!!!!! I am trying so hard not to judge a person physically, but seriously, hygiene problems turns off ANYONE! Unless you do have a skin problem and such, I would understand that, as I also have eczema and a sensitive skin. But a bad hygiene just shows up clearly dude. The fingernails, nose hairs, ear wax, and so on. Thinking how I must change a person before getting married just means that we do not belong together anymore. 

What qualities are you looking for in your partner? Let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading 🤓 

The truth

As the Japanese says, 

Yes, hello my friends from high school, my classmates, everyone, who’s reading this post. The truth to be spilled out today!

I’m a bitch. I’m a saint. I’m heartless. I’m weak. I have different faces that I put when dealing with different people. Right now, I put the saint face with my classmates. Most of them don’t know how a bitch I am and how I cursed A LOT. Nowhere near saint huh? Secondly, I am a bitch when I’m comfortable with someone, to show my alter ego, and not being afraid of them judging me. Thirdly, I can be as heartless as you can imagine. Sometimes, I ignore kids crying just because I feel that it annoys me. Yeap phew there you go. Why do I, do we, put on different faces with different people? We all do. Admit it. You may not realize it. Well, that is how we adapt. We be more polite with a more classy people around us. We be a badass with those who enjoys life to the fullest. I know who I am when I’m driving alone. Only I know that. It is not easy to find someone who can accept you the way you really are. We’ve been denying our weakness, but deep down, we know. 

So who you are tonight?



Premenstrual Syndrome.

Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) refers to physical and emotional symptoms that occur in the one to two weeks before a woman’s period. Symptoms often vary between women and resolve around the start of bleeding. Common symptoms include acne, tender breasts, bloating, feeling tired, irritability, and mood changes.-Source : Wikipedia

My PMS would always be mood swings and stomach ache. That’s all. It occurs a week before I get my period. But my stomach ache hurts like hell. I’d be rolling on the floor, screaming. Mood swings in terms like I would get super irritated by little things. I’m like a ticking bomb. 

Last week, I have been having my PMS. This time, it was different than my usual PMS. Imagine me being so quiet in class until to the point that my classmates asked me “Are you having problems Julianna?” And I said no. Like seriously, nadah, I got no problems. I am just not in the mood to talk. Today, my teacher noticed me staring into the wall hahaha. She also asked if I got any problems. I said no. You know what’s in my mind? 

I reeeeally want to pee. 

Me staring into nothingness while thinking that I want to pee. I am so lazy to go to the toilet cause its so gross. Once I did go, I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER. Like wtf PMS! I’m moody and being so quiet but actually I just want to pee. Okay so next time if you want to do something just go do it before you get even more moody. 

Now I’m having fever plus period.

#bestrong HAHAHAHA cause it never ends. 

During this time, we women tend to be more sensitive (depends on people), get easily irritated, and can be angry with petty things. I got this tips from Twitter ; 

A good tips indeed! Need to remind this to myself so that I won’t let others down when I’m having PMS 😁 Breathe in, breathe out. Clarify that you’re having PMS to avoid any misunderstanding. 

How was your experience with PMS? 


After long consideration of what apps I have been using frequently and loving, here’s the Top 4 Apps you need! (You’ll love them) 

I have to be honest, I hateeeee filters on my photos. I don’t like using it, it confuses the shit out of me, I can’t decide between two filters and it makes me sooooo mad hahaha. I always always choose the #nofilter way because I firmly believe in the need of real photos here. This app changes my mind. I mean, you can choose what kind of filter you want to change the way your photos look. You want it to be Paris kind of filter? London? Budapest? And many more. This app provides filters based on your need. It gives you the choice of choosing what kind of filter you want for all your photos. I downloaded two apps from AnalogFilm, the Analog Paris and Analog London. 

Each for only USD 0.99 which is MYR3.96

*Analog Paris

*Analog Paris

*Analog London

For each app, 10 filters will be given. (Except for Analog Paris, it has extra filters for colors.) If you have specific filters you use or want for your Instagram layout, you can check out the apps based on the landmark one by one and see which suits you best.


For shopaholics!!!! I’m calling you out!!! Gosh this app makes me broke. Like literally. I’ve been spending like there’s no tomorrow and I keep on scrolling on this app for the latest clothing, handbag, shoes, you name it! They have the best of brands. I always love it when they have sales. Who doesn’t?! You can check out the latest trends and the cheapest heels on Zalora! (I found heels for only MYR49) 

*I want that Zalia Embellished Mermaid Dress so bad but I think they’re sold out😭 

3. H&M

I don’t need to explain much here. You know the brand. It is not just a regular you-can-access-to-h&m-easily-app! They have more than that which is why I am keeping this and never uninstalling it. 

The feature that I love most. I can read up fashion articles and always know the most It-trend.


THE BEST APP IN THE WORLD! A must download. Free songs forever! No need to waste money buying at iTunes while I can listen to the same songs with the same quality in Spotify. 

Disclaimer : This post is not sponsored guys. Nobody is paying me to say good things about their apps. I just happen to be using it and I love it so I share to the whole world! 😂💞 

Thank you for reading! Chin up! You’re awesome. 

Put that mask on 2


I am using Bio-Essence product for my skincare and this time I thought of giving their mask a try! My skin has always been dull, full of blackheads, large pores…….I feel disgusted even writing about this. I need a solution to these problems and I also want a brighter complexion. I’ve heard a lot about Tanaka extract. 

Lighten and prevent dark spots and freckles, brightening dull complexion for instant fairness and radiance.


  • Nutrients are rapidly absorbed by skin
  • Enhanced with Tranexamic Acid which helps to lighten and prevent dark spots and freckles, intensively whitening skin
  • With Tanaka Tree Bark Extract to cool skin and lock in moisture, keeping skin refreshed, fair and moisturized
  • Provides skin with instant, lasting fairness and radiance
  • Provide skin with deep hydration and replenishes moisture for soft and supple skin
  • Rejuvenates skin and evens out skin tone for a more youthful and glowing complexion

Tanaka is a yellowish-white cosmetic paste made from ground bark. It is a distinctive feature of the culture of Myanmar, seen commonly applied to the face and sometimes the arms of women and girls, and is used to a lesser extent also by men and boys.

Village girls wearing Tanaka in Burma.

So tempting right!!!! 

✨ Tanaka White Double Whitening Mask

The amount of essence is just enough for your while face and neck. It won’t dribble off in excess (I hate when that happens). The scent is amazing, not too overpowering. Again, it doesn’t irritate my skin. This is so important because you don’t want to have redness and itchiness after wearing a mask for 20 minutes while expecting a good result eyh? I just find that the cut outs of the mask does not ease the process of putting it on my face. I had to figure out slowly how to open the mask correctly without tearing it. Yes, you need to be gentle. The mask tears up easily.

The end result was amazing. My pores tighten, and my skin……..really does look brighter!!!! I didn’t put my hopes up high but this really surprised me. I was staring in the mirror and asking myself when did my skin look so bright. Like what did I eat yesterday? Oh my god it’s the mask!!! Okay you can go buy this in Wellness AEON! Don’t buy it in Watsons because it is the normal price. In Watsons, they’re sold for RM8+ (NP) but in Wellness, each is sold for RM5! I bought two. 

Thank you for reading lovelies 💕

Put that mask on

The best way to really enjoy and pamper yourself while on vacay……….., is to wear masks. 

There are variety of masks on the shelves that I do not know where do I even begin looking?! Like seriously, unless you’ve been using a certain type of brand, you’d be lost looking for a specific good mask. I recently bought a mask that looks so tempting. Well, the packaging is like super professional and with big letters, that’s enough to lure me to buy it. I’ve been eyeing this mask for a while now but not confident enough to buy it. 

✨ Mandelic Acid Skin Renew Mask Shills

It says that it is effective in repairing skin dullness, uneven skin tone, etc. After wearing the mask, my skin doesn’t fee incredibly smooth or anything, it just feels normally soft. I noticed my pores tighten which is what I need at the moment. Other than that, it is a normal kinda mask?! Luckily it doesn’t irritate my skin, phewww. But I think I need to wear the mask constantly to see any immediate changes to my skin, no? RM7.30 for a mask, well, you can’t expect your skin to be flawless overnight 😅 Do I want to continue using this mask? I’m not sure. The purpose of the mask is tempting. But is it effective? Nahhhh. 

So why not, whenever you feel so stressed out, you just want to have a private time with yourself, go to Watsons etc and spend some on masks. Buy different masks of course! Turn the music uuuuuup. Looking forward to do this 😍 

I wish I could

I wish I was born to be pretty. You know, the natural kind of beauty. Whilst I’m striving to build a great personality, and trying to study well, sometimes I just wish I am pretty. 

A physically beautiful person has higher advantages. They could be famous for just being pretty. While I’m here, brainstorming of how to improve my brand. 

Because I am just tired of proving myself to everyone that I am worth it. No matter how I tried being myself, making others laugh, breaking the ice, they will always choose the pretty ones. 

I wish I could have more friends without trying hard to go to events and desperately asking for their Instagram account or phone number. If I am pretty enough, for surely I would be approached first. 

It is always a battle with myself, to set my priorities. But sometimes I just wish it would be easier. I tried consuming collagen, I tried losing weight, I tried wearing prettier clothes, but I just don’t have the natural beauty, physically. Sometimes I look in the mirror feeling confident, feeling good, believing that I am beautiful. Sometimes, I look in the mirror and wonder, am I not pretty enough? 

To be invisible, to be unnoticed, to be the second choice, is what I face everyday. 

I was often asked to not have a serious face. I have this straight-face and yeah people are scared of me. They think that I am snobby and antisocial. I am so the opposite. How do I say this, that’s just my face! I am not the  you-look-beautiful-even-when-you’re-not-smiling. I was told that it makes me harder to be approached, meaning : to get a husband. Oh yes, because if I were pretty, I wouldn’t have to think of any of this shit. 

I won’t ever be the kind of friend that people will be proud of having, the pretty one.  I will just be me. And I don’t know if that’s okay. 

Am I not pretty enough?