The Kylie Lip Kit

I would never thought that I’d buy a Kylie lip kit……but I did. Whooops. 

I have been waiting for months for my Kylie lip kit to arrive because there’s problems with the shipping at first, my parcel were lost during shipping, aaaand having my personal shopper to order again a new one, without anymore fees of course hehe. Thanks to my personal shopper for being super patient (I am impatient…..) you girls go find her on INSTAGRAM okay! (@mubimakeup) 

I ordered one Kylie lip kit, as I chose the colour that I think suits me and yeah also because of the price. But OMG seriously, the lipstick is not that expensive, for a branded lipstick I mean, around RM115+ but because of shipping and whatnots, the price that I had to pay is RM180. Packing my bags out of Asia peeps, toodles. 

Ta ta ra raaaaaaa…introducing, POSIE K! 

*For comparison of size


  • Smells freaking good. 
  • The lip liner is not too soft so that it won’t break easily when you put some pressure to it. 
  • The pigmentation of the liquid lipstick is awesome. 
  • Dries up quickly, beautifully matte, and it is not creamy.
  • The size of the lipstick is reasonable as to the price. 
  • I’ve worn it for 12 hours without any touch ups and it stays well. 
  • Does not irritate my lips! 


  • Dries up my lips. It follow my wrinkles as it is matte. 
  • The colour changes to slightly light pink as you wear it for longer hours because of eating and drinking.

I also found that the lip liner needs to be sharpened haha. I am quite panicked when I noticed that the lip liner has no twister (?)  and so I Youtubed some tutorials and found that you can actually sharpen the thing haha! I almost freaked out like omg is this lip liner is really this short?! Wtffffuh. 

Easily removed when using oil based makeup remover, but harder as you wear it for more than 8 hours. 

Overall, it was really exciting for me as this is a Kylie Jenner cosmetic, but other than that, there’s not much of a wow factor to it except for the sweet cotton candy scent and the pigmentation. 

If you can afford it, yeah why not have a Kylie lip kit in your collection.

But if you don’t, never waste your money girl! There are more better and cheaper brands out there okay! 


Lipstick Tragedy

Okay the title sounds over-the-top. 

I can multitask. As an example, for every traffic lights, I use the time as my makeup time. Today, I did something stupid. As usual, I’m trying to apply my lipstick while looking in the rear-view mirror, I used my left foot to step on the place where we put out left foot and kinda put pressure on it as I was trying to be as the same level as the rear-view mirror. Get it? 

It broke. 

The thingy broke. 

Shit!!!! What did I do??!!! 

Ok now try to put it back…..and taraaaa!

The happiness was temporary. Tonight the thingy tercabut again and ugghhh I just campak belakang kereta je lantak kau lah! 

Grown ups

Working apparently makes me super busy, as I am working for 6 days and I get 1 rest day. 

1 rest day. 

You’d imagine me snoring till 4pm and waking up only for shower and eat. 


I woke up the usual hour because I have to send my mum to work. Half of the day is me driving around doing errands. Nope it doesn’t feel like a rest day at all 😭 But I do feel like a grown up. I am not 18 anymore but I am 19!!! Hahahahaha. I have to pay the bills, I have to go to the courier and send my items to my customers, do this and that, and it never stops. And I am just one person. I cannot imagine having to handle kids and a husband later on. It feels good when I can tick my reminders until there’s none left!! I’m always with my phone nowadays, but now wasting time scrolling Instagram and Twitter endlessly (I used to be that boring..). If you see me on my phone constantly, I am actually occupied making reminders while trying to handle my Carousell! 🤓 

Hey old peeps, yes there’s a lot more that I do not know. Yet I am still learning and adapting to this grown up world. 

Sneak peak : guess what will I write in my next post………….💄


No matter how fucked up my life is currently, I am still happy for every and each one of you that has been in my life. Always have. 

Distance and life may have separated us, but I am always here, feeling so proud of what yall have achieved today. Good and bad memories have made me understand life. 

Understand my life. 

I will always be close to someone, and they will always somehow go away. That is a lesson. I will never regret knowing someone. They’ve all teached me a lesson. We’ve all been through a lot. 

We often ask ourselves, what made us separate to our own ways? The answer is life. It fucks up and that’s just how it is. We can never know the reason, but we will try to adapt and put one foot in front of the other, to continue surviving in this cruel and beautiful world. 

If I were to correct my mistakes, to explain everything over and over again, I will never grow up. Sometimes you stop explaining, sometimes you stop talking. You let silence take over the situation. I learned that you can’t please everyone. 

I let go of those who won’t be there for me as how I would be there for them. I’m so done explaining my situation, this fucking depression, and the only person that will understand is my psychiatrist. 

We will end up just smiling and nodding to each other whenever we passed by, but that’s okay. Life must go on. I just hope that I will meet more crazy and different people soon! 

Whenever we meet again in a different world, I won’t remember any of the bad things that happened, I will ask how was your day and laughed to any of your jokes.

Going to find crazy and different people like me!  

I sell stuffs 

Tight budget for Raya this year? Wanna look good but not willing to see more than RM200 on a price tag? How about when you open your purse and a fly comes out…? Want to put a smile on her face even though you don’t want to spend a lot? 


Howdy peeps! Ay ay ayyyy, I’m selling preloved items that are guaranteed to be in a good condition! I’m also very lucky to be featured as one of the many sellers on the “Featured this week” page on Carousell! Download the app and click this okay! Find meeeee (got my face as my profile picture meh). I stated the measurements of the items I’m selling because I know how hard it is to trust online sellers. And also because you guys are such lazy ass. Haha kidding only. Everything is so simple, I took picture from every angles, wrote the condition…..everything! You just have to open your eyes and browse through! 🤓

Random Swatches 

I couldn’t keep my hands off the tester at the cosmetic section!! I randomly picked a lipstick from In2it and swatched it on my hand. 


I mean, these are for RM16+ !!!!! They’re not matte, it is moisture intense lipstick, but I think it was very pigmented and I had swatched Loreal lipstick before, and even that for RM38+, it was not as pigmented as In2it. Booo. This is quite good for a drugstore brand and if you’re looking for a cheap but good quality lipstick go and have a look at these okay 💋 

                              The gray ones.

         Me at werk. I know you’re traumatized.

Splash Splash

This week has been cray-cray I tell you. My mum and I are moving into a new house and I have been busy unpacking boxes of stuffs and arranging it (endless of it….) so we decided to go for a retreat! 

Imagine floating and swimming in a spring water lake…..with the scorching weather nowadays, this is perfect. Plus I have a very sensitive skin so I don’t usually go to the beach. The itchiness!!!! Ugh-this-beach.




                             Picnic area

      The hut was fully occupied  so we opt for the tikar instead

                     Met someone new👶🏻

                   Must wear life-jacket!

           This is amazingly beautifuuuul!

*all pictures were taken by me*

You can bring your own food and you also can cook (bring your own appliances) There is an area for barbeque here but I think you need to make a reservation first. The toilet and showers are clean! You can rent a mat if the huts are occupied. Everything is simple and fun and no fussy business, just make sure come early and enjoy!!! 😊 Feel free to ask any questions 🙃

For more info, I suggest you visit this website 👈🏼

Aku Sudah Lama Bersedia 

Bukan namanya hidup jika tiada naik turunnya. Di setiap naik itu aku sepertinya menjadi angkuh. Di setiap turun pula aku menjerit….”Tuhanku!!!” Lalu aku menyoal Dia, apakah hidup aku ini sentiasanya susah? Lama-lama aku jadi diam. Aku berhenti menyoal Tuhan. Aku mulai sedar. Di setiap turun itu minda aku, hati aku, jiwa aku, makin bersatu. Teguh memeluk dan terus teguh lah aku. Emosi aku kian lama tiada wujudnya. Di setiap turun itu aku tidak menyoal Tuhan, aku tidak menjerit, malah aku hanya diam. Anggukan saja menyambut setiap turun dalam hidup aku. Berderai hati ini sudah lama! Sudah merajuk! Sudah puas kupujuk! Hati ini tetap tak mahu hidup! Lembut saja, senyum saja aku menyambut dugaan. Aku sudah lama bersedia. 

Ditulis oleh Julianna, hak milik Julianna!