I lost my house key, TWICE. This happened while my mother was hospitalised. Just to recap, I have lost my phone TWICE during my high school years. It traumatised me so much that whenever I couldn’t find my phone I’d panic a lil. So dramatic haha. Why losing my house key is so terrifying you …

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The Kylie Lip Kit

I would never thought that I'd buy a Kylie lip kit......but I did. Whooops.  I have been waiting for months for my Kylie lip kit to arrive because there's problems with the shipping at first, my parcel were lost during shipping, aaaand having my personal shopper to order again a new one, without anymore fees …

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No matter how fucked up my life is currently, I am still happy for every and each one of you that has been in my life. Always have.  Distance and life may have separated us, but I am always here, feeling so proud of what yall have achieved today. Good and bad memories have made …

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