I am so excited 

I don’t even know how to begin writing. 

2 weeks ago, I was approached by a website mytrendingstories.com, and they offered me a contributor position for their website. I was chosen to be a writer in their website. Omg why would you choose me. To be honest, I have never heard of this website before. Me being curious as ever, asked a lot of questions. 

Mytrendingstories.com is a blogging website established in New York. They are quite new so they’re finding talented and passionate writers for their website. After days of thinking, I agreed. I will be writing as how am I writing here in WordPress! The website has much more categories, which I can choose to put that is related with my topic. I will be writing longer posts, more specific topic and more content at the website. WordPress is more to beauty and my daily activities. I hope you guys, my awesome readers, would go and visit the website okay?!?! 

For now I am not writing any articles yet as I am learning how to write with the website’s format! I will update here soon when I do ☺️ 

Let me show you a few things about the website! 

Mytrendingstories.com aims to give back the power to the writers through freedom of speech and expression. 

This part excites me the most. Plus with what’s going on in Malaysia, the government restricting writers, bloggers, cartoonist and many more from their freedom of speech, is really not helping. Not cool Jibby. 

The website also have an editor which will be at the disposal of the writers if we need them! Cool. 

Front page of the website

My profile

The categories

Example of the layout. A post that is still in progress 😁 

Why should you visit that website when you already have WordPress??

  • The power is in your fingers. You can choose the category of the topic that you want to read. Saves time.
  • The contents will be more thorough on the topic
  • You can read more articles, learn different opinions from writers from different parts of the world! 
  • The content is not limited! Freedom of speech rules. 

Again I am veryyyyy excited for this opportunity 🤓🤓🤓 A step further for me to engage with broader audience! 

Thank you for reading ☃


Book Therapy

After breaking my fast, I went to the Popular bookstore just because I miss being surrounded with books. The only way for me not to spend so much buying books, is too spend my time sitting in there and read them. 

Whenever you feel unmotivated, overwhelmed, or you just need a me time ;

💃🏻 Go to your nearest bookstore

Now find the inspirational books section, and find this book. 

This book is filled with motivational quotes! Sounds boring. But you’d never know that you need some push to always keep that dream alive, your spirit alive. Or you can just find any other books that is filled with quotes too.

Next, close your eyes, randomly flip the pages and using your index finger, land it on random pages! Now open your eyes and read the quotes out loud. Don’t blame me if you’re in tears after that.

Here’s what I got, randomly.

I seriously almost cried reading these. Some of it relates to me so much that I feel a spark of hope again. I was smiling on my own, feeling so happy. When life seems a bit dull, you should do this and keep things alive again. This book is for MYR37+ 😊 

Going out….

….to the mall! First I go to Tesco, cause my mum wants to eat watermelon so I have to buy a watermelon! While finding watermelon, I found these cute smiley star food. So cuteeeee. This is for Yong Tau Fu.

Here is the watermelon! I’m Julianna. You’re watermelon. 

…to the next mall….Jusco! Need to find a white blouse. Along the way, I found this cute tweed jacket!!!! Chanel inspired liddat. RM169 tho…😭 

End of my day! Btw guys, I’m selling used reference books, fiction and non-fiction books, rarely used shawls and clothes, rarely used handbags….you get it. Find out more about the condition and price on Carousell! Add me (@juliannaong) okay!! 

My cat dreaming of being a…..ninja?

                                I’m Jojo. 

A Tourist in Penang

I really recommend to yall who are planning to go to Penang, yall should go explore the other side of Batu Feringghi, which is Balik Pulau (if I’m not mistaken) yup yes it is Balik Pulau. Okay hahaha just try ok? Go there and you can see the beautiful view of Penang from the hill top, but yeah you have to be really good at driving through steep roads. Then, go to Chowrasta Road, and you can find old books (and new) stores just up the stairs leading inside the Chowrasta Market. I love going there! You can find old and new books at cheap price. I also did found an old book with post-it’s inside with notes. Omg feels so cool righttt? Then you can go to Street Art, ride a bicycle or beca or you can just walk around there because the mural painting’s is not on one spot. While you’re walking, there are cafes, hotels, that are really old and vintage.
Seriously, explore more then just the famous spots of Penang.
Next time in Penang, I would loveee to go to Escape, Botanical Garden, and Taman Negara Pulau Pinang!! Crave for some thrilling activities. 
And alsooooo go to Sungai Pinang,  where P. Ramlee house is located! And go to Bukit Bendera hehe.


                      Balik Pulau


                     Balik Pulau


                      Street Art






                    Chowrasta Road

Online Shopping!

I am so lame. All this while I keep on wondering why does some people (or majority women) are addicted to online shopping. And last week is the week that I figure out the reason. Online shopping is awesome! The best way to waste your money too. And I am lame because I don’t really care about being up-to-date on anything related with technology.

But, I’m a fast learner when it comes to shopping(only) okay. So what made me want to learn about online shopping is when dUckscarves (you can find out about it here) informed that they are releasing their scarves!! All this time I never even tempted to buy the scarves because :
• I don’t know how to purchase it.
• I wear spectacles so I thought that   wide shawl wouldn’t work for me.

But then……I finally find out a way for us girls-who-wears-hijab-and-specs to wear wide&long shawl! The usually rectangle and longggg one.
So, I know that it is super duper hard to buy that dUckscarves. Because in less than 20 minutes all the beautiful designs will be sold out. And from my previous experience on trying to buy Sofina 2.1 handbag made me realize I need to be more strategic. (I didn’t know that we actually need to bank-in the money as to confirm that we made an order)

So I used my mother’s account to make the purchase. They release the scarves on Monday at 11 am. Guess where am I at that time. In school! Urgh. But I don’t care, I need to have it! Taradapapa and walaa!

I came, I saw, I conquered.
dUckscarves is mine!

I bought the creme brulee and ash lee. Hey I deserve an applause okay haha this is my first time and I succeed!


Wore it to my school’s Jamuan Raya. Comfortableeeee


Turquoise all the way


Now I’m patiently waiting for my books I bought online. It is directly from UK and the best part is, there is no delivery charges!
See it here.