I sell stuffs 

Tight budget for Raya this year? Wanna look good but not willing to see more than RM200 on a price tag? How about when you open your purse and a fly comes out…? Want to put a smile on her face even though you don’t want to spend a lot? 


Howdy peeps! Ay ay ayyyy, I’m selling preloved items that are guaranteed to be in a good condition! I’m also very lucky to be featured as one of the many sellers on the “Featured this week” page on Carousell! Download the app and click this okay! Find meeeee (got my face as my profile picture meh). I stated the measurements of the items I’m selling because I know how hard it is to trust online sellers. And also because you guys are such lazy ass. Haha kidding only. Everything is so simple, I took picture from every angles, wrote the condition…..everything! You just have to open your eyes and browse through! 🤓


Going out….

….to the mall! First I go to Tesco, cause my mum wants to eat watermelon so I have to buy a watermelon! While finding watermelon, I found these cute smiley star food. So cuteeeee. This is for Yong Tau Fu.

Here is the watermelon! I’m Julianna. You’re watermelon. 

…to the next mall….Jusco! Need to find a white blouse. Along the way, I found this cute tweed jacket!!!! Chanel inspired liddat. RM169 tho…😭 

End of my day! Btw guys, I’m selling used reference books, fiction and non-fiction books, rarely used shawls and clothes, rarely used handbags….you get it. Find out more about the condition and price on Carousell! Add me (@juliannaong) okay!! 

My cat dreaming of being a…..ninja?

                                I’m Jojo.