Going out….

….to the mall! First I go to Tesco, cause my mum wants to eat watermelon so I have to buy a watermelon! While finding watermelon, I found these cute smiley star food. So cuteeeee. This is for Yong Tau Fu.

Here is the watermelon! I’m Julianna. You’re watermelon. 

…to the next mall….Jusco! Need to find a white blouse. Along the way, I found this cute tweed jacket!!!! Chanel inspired liddat. RM169 tho…😭 

End of my day! Btw guys, I’m selling used reference books, fiction and non-fiction books, rarely used shawls and clothes, rarely used handbags….you get it. Find out more about the condition and price on Carousell! Add me (@juliannaong) okay!! 

My cat dreaming of being a…..ninja?

                                I’m Jojo.