Cereal drink appreciation post

The second thing I grab after my phone every morning is this green packet. 

I was born to eat big and fancy breakfast at home. All thanks to my mother 😍 But since I’ve been in college, I seriously do not prefer frequent nasi goreng or mihun goreng every morning. It costs money and I hate that when I took breakfast a bit too heavy, I will start having stomach ache making roundabouts in my guts again and again, and then I will be reeeeally sleepy. Not good for a me as I have class from 8am till 4pm with only 1 break. 

So I chose this green packet which have a name and brand…..! 

Milo Cereal. 

The quantity of the cereal is just enough to make me full! I don’t have to munch on anything to satisfy my appetite. Which I love because this really helps me to cut down on my budget. If you ask me what I do with my expenses, I’m teling ya….

I buy food. 

Bam. There you go. 

And that’s the reason I’m carrying balls of fat on my face, my abs, and my bump everywhere. Huh. 

I also drink this before I go to bed…sometimes. #guiltypleasure