How To Look Expensive

Ya girl got ya, don’t worry. 

I always managed to pull off an expensive look eventho I only have MYR10 in my purse at the time. My friends sometimes think I’m rich because of what I’m wearing, look, and smell. I call this deceiving technique haha! 


Keep an eye for a clothing store that always have SALE with a lot of clothing choice. For example, Cotton On at AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang have the same SALE as AEON Shah Alam, but the thing is, I’ve been to both outlets, and AEON Bukit Tinggi tend to have more choices. There’s so much more to choose under the MYR15 SALE rack and so far I’ve never been disappointed.

COTTON ON Top : MYR45 Skirt : MYR30 (original price is around MYR100+)

I bought a grey dress for only MYR30 (score!) from Cotton On that looks beautiful without any defects. The original price would be MYR139. Another example is, Dorothy Perkins. They fit all sizes and their SALE reaches up to 70% at times. I find it still expensive after discount but if you have extra money, Dorothy Perkins is the way to go. I love love all of the dresses and tops. Like I said before, lookout between the same clothing store at different places and evaluate which store has more choices. 

(Secret tip : Pierre Cardin sells very good lingerie for a reasonable price, my fav store)


Your scent is the key. Imagine Nasi Kandar without fried chicken. That’s how crucial it compliments your look. Surely I also don’t have the money to keep on stocking up on expensive branded perfumes 🙄 Find a dupe perfume store, a good one of course, not the pasar malam one ah! I found Cher La Verne at AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang and they sell dupe for branded perfumes at a cheaper price but has the exact scent as the original ones. Trust me, this is what I wear and people ask me “Are you wearing Gucci Flora?”. My signature perfume is Gucci Flora and man I am broke if I bought the MYR400+ bottle perfume. So I know how the original perfume smells like when I buy the same at Cher La Verne. The cheapest they sell is MYR18 for 5ml and they last half the day (the scent I mean 😂) Today I bought 30ml bottle for MYR59 (they have SALE, the original price is MYR69). So find your favorite branded perfume and find the alternative for it. 

30ml Gucci Flora for MYR59


Here’s what my mum always remind me, invest in a good branded and more expensive shoes when you have the money. You don’t want to spend MYR40 on the same cheap shoe over and over again, that’s a waste of money. As we know, expensive shoes feels better when you wear it, and they last longer. No matter what your financial situation is, you can always wear a good shoe and look extravagant. I bought 1 heels from Clarks, 1 sandal from Epanema, 1 sport shoes from Nike, and 1 casual sandal from Crocs. Do you know that these are the only shoes I wear from 2016 to 2017? I don’t buy anymore shoes. So you can save your money on that part because its a long-term investment 😉 

There you have it, tips on How To Look Expensive!


ZARA’s V-neck & Choker Tops

I have never tried wearing a choker before, but then I wore this dress with a lil bit of choker element in it, which triggers me….I do look good in choker! Makes me look like such a badass 

This is the dress from Dorothy Perkins. It doesn’t really look like a choker but yeah just a little bit. 

I installed ZARA app because I am influenced with Nisha Ezzati since she said that she shops everything from ZARA. Tryna be fashionable af like her hehe.

Here’s a list of screenshots of V-necks and Choker Tops from ZARA that is definitely on my wishlist! 

  • V-Neck Ribbed T-shirt
  • Front and back V-Neck
  • Available in Off White, Black, Bright Red-Sizes up until XXL 😍 (for all the tops)
  • MYR 89.90

  • V-Neck Choker Blouse
  • Available in Black only
  • MYR 169.90

  • Elastic ribbed T-shirt
  • Rounded V-Neck and long sleeves
  • Available in Black, Nude, Grey
  • MYR99.90

  • V-Neck blouse with choker
  • Long sleeves with double cuff and uneven hem.
  • Available in White.
  • MYR169.90

  • V-Neck Choker Top
  • Available in Fuschia.
  • MYR199.90

  • Choker neck T-shirt
  • Available in Dark Orange and Black.
  • MYR89.90

  • V-Neck Cashmere Sweater
  • Ribbed collar, cuffs and hem.
  • Available in Beige and Grey
  • MYR649.00 (yes you did not read that wrong)

  • V-Neck Sweater with bow
  • Available in Stripes and Black
  • MYR169.90

  • V-Neck Top with choker
  • Available in Off-White
  • MYR99.90

The best thing about all of these tops is that you can just wear them all with a pair of jeans and you’ll look amazing! Super easy. 


After long consideration of what apps I have been using frequently and loving, here’s the Top 4 Apps you need! (You’ll love them) 

I have to be honest, I hateeeee filters on my photos. I don’t like using it, it confuses the shit out of me, I can’t decide between two filters and it makes me sooooo mad hahaha. I always always choose the #nofilter way because I firmly believe in the need of real photos here. This app changes my mind. I mean, you can choose what kind of filter you want to change the way your photos look. You want it to be Paris kind of filter? London? Budapest? And many more. This app provides filters based on your need. It gives you the choice of choosing what kind of filter you want for all your photos. I downloaded two apps from AnalogFilm, the Analog Paris and Analog London. 

Each for only USD 0.99 which is MYR3.96

*Analog Paris

*Analog Paris

*Analog London

For each app, 10 filters will be given. (Except for Analog Paris, it has extra filters for colors.) If you have specific filters you use or want for your Instagram layout, you can check out the apps based on the landmark one by one and see which suits you best.


For shopaholics!!!! I’m calling you out!!! Gosh this app makes me broke. Like literally. I’ve been spending like there’s no tomorrow and I keep on scrolling on this app for the latest clothing, handbag, shoes, you name it! They have the best of brands. I always love it when they have sales. Who doesn’t?! You can check out the latest trends and the cheapest heels on Zalora! (I found heels for only MYR49) 

*I want that Zalia Embellished Mermaid Dress so bad but I think they’re sold out😭 

3. H&M

I don’t need to explain much here. You know the brand. It is not just a regular you-can-access-to-h&m-easily-app! They have more than that which is why I am keeping this and never uninstalling it. 

The feature that I love most. I can read up fashion articles and always know the most It-trend.


THE BEST APP IN THE WORLD! A must download. Free songs forever! No need to waste money buying at iTunes while I can listen to the same songs with the same quality in Spotify. 

Disclaimer : This post is not sponsored guys. Nobody is paying me to say good things about their apps. I just happen to be using it and I love it so I share to the whole world! 😂💞 

Thank you for reading! Chin up! You’re awesome. 

SG Matte Junkie Lip Cream

I don’t even know how to begin writing this post. 

I found the best drugstore matte lip cream! Also randomly found as I were walking pass by the Silkygirl section. 

Omg girls. 

Some of the swatches 

*In the shade 04 Vintage 

I used the tester (for I have sinned), and the texture was surprisingly light and thin! The pigmentation was good, around 2 swipes for my lips and a little bit of touch-up needed. I also saw that not much of the product need to be put, you apply the cream as usual, and let it dry for 5 seconds first before applying another layer. 

The best part about the price…

Promo price : RM18.90

Regular price : RM21.90 

Go get em’!!!!

The KL dUCk

Assalammualaikum and hi! 

I’m in the exam week sooo everything is stressful plus with my sleepy mood ON every time I open a book haha. The rule is, you hear some music when you’re doing Maths, but when it comes to studying Biology or Chemistry for example, you go to a quite place, a complete silence is needed OMG I have to hocus focus! (Btw, Focus by Ariana Grande is coming out in 2 days 😱) 

Okay back to the main topic I am blogging about haha! 

✨ I have been ignoring my wanting to buy the KL dUCk since it was released. But somehow when I open my Instagram, dUCkscarves have always been restocking the KL dUCks! (they were to be blamed) So I asked from my friend to buy one for me since she was going to buy it too, and as usual the released time of the KL dUCks was early in the morning, and I can’t buy it on my own because I have morning classes. Unfortunately my friend also did not manage to grab one because it was rumored that the KL dUCks was released earlier than ever! So we both cried.

I, as desperate as ever, looking for anyone who wants to let go the KL dUCk in Black colour through the hashtag #klduck on Ig, managed to find one personal shopper who has two of it left! The price were increased of course but she included all of the postage fees and what not so I agreed to buy it while thinking that this is my last chance to grab one since I cannot go online shopping as I have classes half of the day. 

But! I wanted to purchase the KL dUCk a bit later because I’m in the study mood so I DON’T WANT TO FEEL GUILTY OF BUYING IT HAHAHA! I sweetly asked the personal shopper to “Can I reserve the KL dUCk for like until I finish my exams hehe” 

And she was like “Okay!” But with a little heavy-hearted..

And you know what happened! So I’m in my study week which means there were no classes, we are free for a week to really focus on studying, and then FashionValet restocked the KL dUCk! Like whaaaaat? 

I just preordered one from a personal shopper with some more extra payment! Walaweh. 

I keep on scrolling while thinking…

“You cannot break your promise Jue, you cannot break your promise to the personal shopper ” 😭  

Okay, what’s done is done, I payed to her and I got the parcel in like 2 days after that! Wow! So faaaaast. Gotta love fast delivery hehe. Alhamdulillah I looooove the material of the KL dUCk! It is sturdy! Gosh it suits everyone! Easy to shape and the scarf is lil bit shiny just enough to give that glam finishing ✨ 

*got filter*

*also got filter*





Credit to Afiqah Adnan for taking the pics 😚

Online Shopping!

I am so lame. All this while I keep on wondering why does some people (or majority women) are addicted to online shopping. And last week is the week that I figure out the reason. Online shopping is awesome! The best way to waste your money too. And I am lame because I don’t really care about being up-to-date on anything related with technology.

But, I’m a fast learner when it comes to shopping(only) okay. So what made me want to learn about online shopping is when dUckscarves (you can find out about it here) informed that they are releasing their scarves!! All this time I never even tempted to buy the scarves because :
• I don’t know how to purchase it.
• I wear spectacles so I thought that   wide shawl wouldn’t work for me.

But then……I finally find out a way for us girls-who-wears-hijab-and-specs to wear wide&long shawl! The usually rectangle and longggg one.
So, I know that it is super duper hard to buy that dUckscarves. Because in less than 20 minutes all the beautiful designs will be sold out. And from my previous experience on trying to buy Sofina 2.1 handbag made me realize I need to be more strategic. (I didn’t know that we actually need to bank-in the money as to confirm that we made an order)

So I used my mother’s account to make the purchase. They release the scarves on Monday at 11 am. Guess where am I at that time. In school! Urgh. But I don’t care, I need to have it! Taradapapa and walaa!

I came, I saw, I conquered.
dUckscarves is mine!

I bought the creme brulee and ash lee. Hey I deserve an applause okay haha this is my first time and I succeed!


Wore it to my school’s Jamuan Raya. Comfortableeeee


Turquoise all the way


Now I’m patiently waiting for my books I bought online. It is directly from UK and the best part is, there is no delivery charges!
See it here.