No pay leave

I worked for 2 months now and I finally took my first leave, a no pay leave, since I’m still under probation. God bless! I actually have a doctor’s appointment today plus I gotta go to KL to pick up my shoes, so I feel kinda proud for not simply taking leaves. I have a solid reason for this one day no pay leave haha. A small matter but means a lot to me because I always skip classes back in pre-U. To discipline mysef to come to work, heck I am now used to waking up early guys 😭 The same routine since high school but early mornings routine never stuck with me, and only now that I’m working it did. Better late then never I guess?

I just want to share how my day goes with you all πŸ’ƒπŸ»


The desserts are from Bisou Bake Shop at Bangsar Village II, loveeee the Vanilla cupcake, but not the Pandan Gula Melaka cake. I have eaten the cupcake before and I still love it. I tried the Pandan Gula Melaka slice today and instantly regret the decision. Waste of RM10 and added my calories count πŸ˜‚ There are better PGM cake elsewhere but not here.

The burger pic. BURGER! This was my first time trying out Bistro Benji’s at Bangsar Village as well, and damn the portion is big. Fried Chicken Burger ; RM28. I didn’t order any drinks as I had my drinks earlier, and they still served me plain water. They put a bottle of 1L I think. I thought to myself, that the service charge would probably be a lot if they give such a good service and free water! But I was wrong, the bill was RM28. All the extra charges are already included. And then I got RM20 voucher for when I eat there again, with minimum RM50 spent. LOVE! The burger was satisfying, the chicken patty compliments well with the veges, and the fries oh God, soooo good. The fries doesn’t taste plain & boring at all.

✨How do you spend your annual leave?


Meal Prep Dilemma

I just got back from the gym when I was writing this. I ghosted my gym. I went missing for weeks, but today I’m back! I realized that my stamina has all gone downhill so I started with squats, crunches and weights before doing any intense cardio.

✨Reminder : Never skip gym for more than 3 days. You’ll start slacking and it’ll be hard to start over.

My payday is approaching and I am planning to eat clean (said and done many times and lasted for 3 weeks top). I was deciding between ordering a meal plan from a healthy food delivery website here in Malaysia but was taken aback when I look at the price. After browsing through several websites, the average price for a heavy meal is around RM15-RM22. Dude, that’s like eating lunch at Secret Recipe everyday. I myself never spend more than RM5 during lunch hour plus I always bring my own food cause I hate going out when its scorching. I’d rather buy thosai or roti telur which costs less than RM3. Stingy lil bitch.

At the same time I am just so tempted with the pretty tupperware/lunch box provided πŸ˜‚ So Instagram-worthy. But to spend almost RM200 for like 10-12 meals is just pffffffffttttt mindblowing. Lemme show you.



img_1249 is the ultimate Instagram-worthy and like super fancy food so far I’ve seen. Hence the price starting from RM21. They have the Prime meal plan where you get 10 meals, and you can choose anything on the website without extra charges (the meals are amazing) for RM199. has this Weight Loss 12 meals package for only RM190. Less RM10 with 2 extra meals. You can choose the menu for each carbohydrate, protein, and vegetables section. Not much option or variation if you’re like me, picky and there are certain meal that I just can’t imagine enjoying. So you have to repeat the same carbs/protein/veges if some of the options aren’t your taste.

But if you’re interested well then go ahead and let me know how they taste hehehe. And of course you can purchase a single meal from the websites. Today I did my own homework to see whether it’ll be cheaper when I cook my own meal prep. My only problem is, I am lazy to cook. I took extra 10 minutes before waking up every morning so I can’t imagine waking up even earlier to cook. But then again hence the meal prepping! I read that the experienced meal prepper choose to cook on Sunday & Wednesday. You prepare for 3 days of meal first and not for a week straight because we want the food to be as fresh as it can.

This is my grocery shopping list :


RM130 plus minus lah. This includes breakfast (cereal & milk) andddddd fruits! The rest are the ingredients to cook which I bet can last for weeks. I forgot to survey on the protein though! Haha. I walked out of Tesco realizing that I forgot to look at the price of a dory or mackerel fish. Now my estimated grocery price are not complete. Sigh. I plan to cook only fish dishes as I’m avoiding chicken as per advised by my doctor. The ingredients are based on a few recipes I referred from Jamie Oliver’s website such as :

β€’ Grill Masala Fish

β€’ Asian style fish

β€’ Fish Fingers

β€’ Simple baked fish

β€’ Salmon Nicoise

I think I’m going to go with meal prepping on my own guys. Oh by the way from the meal prepping guides I read, buy a tupperware/container with dividers so you can preserve the food longer, as it won’t become mixed and mushy, and also if you’re like me, you’ll look forward to eating healthy when you see that pretty lunch box aite haha. I start small so I don’t get too excited about this, let’s do it for 2 weeks first. Having short term planning is better than a long term to avoid any chickening out halfway through the diet.

The Salad Situation

Have you watched the It movie? It is based on a novel by Stephen King, I have read the book and watched the movie. One overweight boy named Ben Hanscom grew up later losing those extra pounds and told the rest of the group members during their reunion that he managed to do so by eating a lot of salad and running more. Ben found a replacement for his junk food and thus he lost weight.

See, I am inspired by Ben in this novel. I wish I could gobble down on salad like he did but I secretly know that I can’t. I eat only a few type of vegetables and dislike the rest. So I think of a few vegetables that I can make into a salad. You know the salad in Mcdonalds Spicy Chicken Mcdeluxe burger? I can eat that, no problem. As I grocery shopped, I stare for quite a while at the vegetables section and try to think of any other veges that I would tolerate. Haha. Cherry tomatoes? It tastes ok, better than the big tomato. Carrots? Hate the taste but if thinly chopped it’ll be alright.

Popped in chicken breast, eggs, Thousand Island sauce (I know it has lots of calorie but this helps to curb the vege taste) and tofu into my shopping cart. I diced the chicken breast and marinated for a day with soy sauce, pepper, and lemon juice. Baked it in the oven for 20 minutes and oh my god from now on we puttin’ lemon in every dish!!!!! The chicken was amazing. I washed the veges and chopped what needs to be chopped. As I was cutting the tofu, I realized I bought the wrong tofu. I bought the soft tofu that people eat in tau fu fah πŸ˜‚ That’s how bad my grocery shopping skill is. I thought they were the same!!! But I fried it anyway. Still too soft but let’s not waste em’.

Mixed everything with Thousand Island sauce, and I am ready to gobble down. After 3 spoons, I wanna puke. I ABSOLUTELY HATE SALAD. I tried squeezing more sauce but I am just overwhelmed with the Salad Situation. The salad taste good but vegetables did not. The chicken helped. You think I’m done with my salad? I forgot that I microwaved 2 eggs and I quickly bring them out, drained the excess water and put in my salad. STILL DOESN’T TASTE ANY BETTER. So I have another bowl of salad in my fridge and I don’t know what to do with it. The best would be to eat with a toasted bread, Subway-ish.

*eggs aren’t in the picture because I remembered about them after taking this picture.

Don’t Hire Me

Hi I’m Julianna Azman Ong and the worst thing I would do if you hire me to work in your company is….

Sneaking out to buy food even though it is not my break time. 

Since I’m working part time now, I have only 1 holy hour for break and it might seems enough. It is not. I am full for 3 hours after and then I started crawling for food. The only law that I would violate at work place is, going out to buy food even when I have work to do. 

Reminder : Need to bring lots of snacks. 

I have sudden cravings or its just me thinking of what to eat what to eat what to eat. I think about diet for a while and then I ran straight to McDonalds. Help mehhhhhh my mind and stomach is not connected and it just want to gobble down on food even when I am not hungry. Like, I’ve been questioning myself isn’t this the time to eat? 

So yeah think twice before you hire me. Prepare lots of food in the pantry to keep me in the office. 

Thank you for reading ☺️ 

Two crazy lady in KL

Last Friday, Nadia and I went to explore Kuala Lumpur! (City of mud…) This time, as a grown up, we drove to KL ourselves with the help of Waze, and even when using Waze, we get lost in the city of mud πŸ˜‚ 

Like seriously, Stay left, stay left, turn left in 50 meters, and there I missed it! I’m in a love-hate relationship with Waze. Anyways, we arrived in KL safely and parked at the basement of KLCC which I regret most as they charge you the first minute you enter the parking lot. So don’t. 

I suggest : 

  • Go to the behind of Paramount Club nearby, and you can see there’s a parking lot space, enter the one on the most right that says RM10 per day, not the one that’s on the left!! 

Then we walked through the bridge that connects Aquaria KLCC to Pavilion and Bukit Bintang. So that’s our route! 

Nadia deciding between the two boots

And I’m just busy taking photos


Suicide Squad!!!

Hey no-head superhero


Tokyo Streeeet! (In Pavilion)

EXO amagad.

Korean makeup products! Cool but pricey

Cheap dupes but the quality is good



A seriously random hot guy that matches with me and randomnly passed by

The latest Juicy Shaker from Lancome! Awesome scent, its a lipgloss btw. 

Eating boat noodle at Klang Parade Mall

I had an awesome-crazy day with Nadia in KL and back to Klang. We need to do this more often!! Next time, we’ll do a 2D1N stay in KL so that we can explore every part of KL 😎 

Till next time, toodles πŸ’‹

Oh my dumpling


Go inside and buy this.

Homemade Chicken Dumpling Fritters, 8 pieces for RM10.00, 8 pieces of happiness and yumminess.

Good for your health. I’m sure of it. Haha. Oh my dumplingggg it is so good, juicy, and full of chicken, oh and I loooove the mayonnaise!! They put some lemon zest in it makes it the perfect dipping sauce. 

Why are you still reading this? Go to CHICKEN RICE SHOP now!!! πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“

Cereal drink appreciation post

The second thing I grab after my phone every morning is this green packet. 

I was born to eat big and fancy breakfast at home. All thanks to my mother 😍 But since I’ve been in college, I seriously do not prefer frequent nasi goreng or mihun goreng every morning. It costs money and I hate that when I took breakfast a bit too heavy, I will start having stomach ache making roundabouts in my guts again and again, and then I will be reeeeally sleepy. Not good for a me as I have class from 8am till 4pm with only 1 break. 

So I chose this green packet which have a name and brand…..! 

Milo Cereal. 

The quantity of the cereal is just enough to make me full! I don’t have to munch on anything to satisfy my appetite. Which I love because this really helps me to cut down on my budget. If you ask me what I do with my expenses, I’m teling ya….

I buy food. 

Bam. There you go. 

And that’s the reason I’m carrying balls of fat on my face, my abs, and my bump everywhere. Huh. 

I also drink this before I go to bed…sometimes. #guiltypleasure 

I feel good

Woke up early (didn’t planned this), I’m so pumped up and grabbed my towel, go to shower, and I am at the cafe before the lights were even on. 

“Achik! Duduk sini boleh ke?”

“Boleh je, tapi tak boleh pasang lampu ok.”

In the dark I belong…

With a bit of light from the counter, I flipped through my Bio notes. Come on Jue, open your miiiiiiind. Become a sponge. Be a sponge. A sponge. Sponge……..

Uuuuuu is that my fav nasi goreng cili padi?!

*grabs plate*

  minimal makeup today hehe.