Two crazy lady in KL

Last Friday, Nadia and I went to explore Kuala Lumpur! (City of mud…) This time, as a grown up, we drove to KL ourselves with the help of Waze, and even when using Waze, we get lost in the city of mud 😂 

Like seriously, Stay left, stay left, turn left in 50 meters, and there I missed it! I’m in a love-hate relationship with Waze. Anyways, we arrived in KL safely and parked at the basement of KLCC which I regret most as they charge you the first minute you enter the parking lot. So don’t. 

I suggest : 

  • Go to the behind of Paramount Club nearby, and you can see there’s a parking lot space, enter the one on the most right that says RM10 per day, not the one that’s on the left!! 

Then we walked through the bridge that connects Aquaria KLCC to Pavilion and Bukit Bintang. So that’s our route! 

Nadia deciding between the two boots

And I’m just busy taking photos


Suicide Squad!!!

Hey no-head superhero


Tokyo Streeeet! (In Pavilion)

EXO amagad.

Korean makeup products! Cool but pricey

Cheap dupes but the quality is good



A seriously random hot guy that matches with me and randomnly passed by

The latest Juicy Shaker from Lancome! Awesome scent, its a lipgloss btw. 

Eating boat noodle at Klang Parade Mall

I had an awesome-crazy day with Nadia in KL and back to Klang. We need to do this more often!! Next time, we’ll do a 2D1N stay in KL so that we can explore every part of KL 😎 

Till next time, toodles 💋