Grown ups

Working apparently makes me super busy, as I am working for 6 days and I get 1 rest day. 

1 rest day. 

You’d imagine me snoring till 4pm and waking up only for shower and eat. 


I woke up the usual hour because I have to send my mum to work. Half of the day is me driving around doing errands. Nope it doesn’t feel like a rest day at all 😭 But I do feel like a grown up. I am not 18 anymore but I am 19!!! Hahahahaha. I have to pay the bills, I have to go to the courier and send my items to my customers, do this and that, and it never stops. And I am just one person. I cannot imagine having to handle kids and a husband later on. It feels good when I can tick my reminders until there’s none left!! I’m always with my phone nowadays, but now wasting time scrolling Instagram and Twitter endlessly (I used to be that boring..). If you see me on my phone constantly, I am actually occupied making reminders while trying to handle my Carousell! 🤓 

Hey old peeps, yes there’s a lot more that I do not know. Yet I am still learning and adapting to this grown up world. 

Sneak peak : guess what will I write in my next post………….💄