Let’s talk about Kyo- the club 

A memorable and fun 20s. I have long list of things I want to do and this post is about one of it in the list. If you have been keeping up with my blog, you would know that I am a true loner. Clubbing alone? Its not that surprising in other countries but in Malaysia, I am kind of breaking the stereotype by going alone haha! They say, if you want to go clubbing, you have to call up some friends and book a table. True, but this doesn’t work for everyone right?

For example, if you’re a newbie in your area and want to discover the nightlife, this sounds weird to do. Or me for another example, I don’t have enough friends to go clubbing with. Friends I have, but friends for clubbing I don’t. They practice Islam and I understand that. I have been so eager to dance in a loud music environment and ain’t nothing gonna stop me!

Kyo/Ren Club @ Mandarin Oriental 

Kyo and Ren is under the same club but different concept. They separate both space. Kyo is for hip hop music while Ren is disco/trance music I think. I Wazed straight away to the parking lot and it lead me to KLCC parking lot haha I was confused for a while but I asked the guard how to go to MO. I walked down through KLCC park and reached MO. Please park in the MO parking lot itself and not the KLCC parking lot. It gets confusing walking from Kyo, half drunk, tryna find where the fuck is my car haha.

Inside Ren

Main entrance to Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Entrance to Kyo, which is just beside the main entrance

I arrived early, around 10:45 pm and the ushers let me sit for a while in the Ren area. Here’s what Kyo looks like!

Complimentary entrance for the ladies only! Cover charge for men around RM40-RM60 depending on the time you enter. Masuklah before 1am ok?

Clubbing alone

You look weird when you think you look weird. Imagine yourself seeing a guy/woman standing by the bar enjoying their own drinks and being comfortable with themselves, does it look weird to you? Exactly, they don’t. So that’s how it applies to you as well. If you feel like wanting to dance, drink, and just have a good time, go for it. Remember, 1-2 drinks is enough for you to drive back home, or sober enough to call Grab/Uber. Stay safe always and be alert with your drinks and your purse!

There is no free seating in Kyo unless you reserve it first. You can stand at the bar or just walk around and dance.

Tips : Don’t come too early if you’re alone. I thought there’d be a line up if I come around 11pm but nope nothing. The dance floor is still empty at 12am. Around 1-2am is better. 


Sneak into my playlist 

Sharing with yall my current list of favorite songs EVERRRRRR! 

I am the type who listens to this one song because I’m so obsessed with it but once I get bored I won’t be listening to it again. I hate myself for being like this 😂 I am trying to be more loyal though. 

  1. Everyday-MGK
  2. Kotak Hati-Hujan (local M’sia band)
  3. Sad Boy-G-Eazy
  4. Monster-Jay Z, Kanye, Nicki Minaj…
  5. Xia Yi Bu-Shila Amzah
  6. Jealous-Beyonce
  7. Everyday-Ariana Grande
  8. M.I.L.F.-Fergie
  9. Six Weeks-Of Monsters and Men
  10. Organs-Of Monsters and Men 
  11. You Don’t Own Me-Grace ft G-Eazy
  12. Tear In My Heart-twentyonepilots
  13. Heavydirtysoul-twentyonepilots
  14. Stargazing-Daiyan Trisha 
  15. Side to Side-Ariana Grande ft Nicki

There you go! Top 15 songs 😍 I would love to know what you’re hearing to and what your fav songs are, pleeeease share it with me in the comments! I like to hear to what others are listening, in that way, I can find cool songs that I’ve never heard of. 
Thank you for reading! 

I called the radio station

Selena Gomez Revival Tour. 25th July 2016.

Okay I’m not a big fan of Selena, I don’t even have her songs in my playlist.

But Fly Fm is giving out free tickets to her concert!!!! There are two ways, either you hunt down the #AgentGomez by following the clues they gave on Instagram, or, by calling the radio station once the cue call is announced. 

I was driving to school, 6:45 am-ish like that, and was listening to Fly Fm, and they announced the first cue call of the day (cue calls happening all day long on 21st July) and I grabbed my phone and dialled the number while driving which is bad for yall ok don’t follow, one hand on the steering and one hand……..on my phone. Sadly I didn’t get through as the luckiest caller 😢 I called through the whole day, even when I’m in school and all I get was user busy answering me back like what. the. hell. After school I had to go to work and there’s not many people that day, so I spent my time calling Fly Fm again 😂 #desperate 

Fact : More than 500 calls have been made. 

Around 5:30 pm, I was still dialling Fly Fm and they answered me. 

Hi how can I help you?”

For a second I thought….help me win this shit.

I played the honest card and she asked me to scream the Selena Gomez Revival Tour (for practice only) but I didn’t scream it out loud cause I’m in the mall what do you expect, me screaming the line on top of my lungs?! 😂  She said the cue call would be in about an hour, so I waited anxiously until then. 

6:10 pm, yes I know it’s early but I am so on my competitive mode so I called and called Fly Fm, and she answered me again! Walaoweh. Feeling so lucky. Surely I can win this one. She asked me to scream the line again and I did it then she asked me what my name is and she was surprised that I am the previous caller haha. She said to call again in 15 minutes.

This is torture. I was shaking and smiling like crazy. Thinking of who I would invite to go to the concert already. 

6:25 pm. I’ve never pressed the dial back button so fast in my whole life before. Sadly there was a caller that managed to get through because of my mistake of counting to 5 to dial them back again just because I feel like I’m dialling too much. Never do that. Just press it like crazy!!!! 

Hopes shattered. The next morning, I was driving to school again, calling Fly Fm with hopes that they will answer me and I’ll fake crying sounds a bit hahaha. Accidentally, the time that I called them was another cue call for another contest, which is guess this sound of a song and win RM550. 

You’re our luckiest caller number 5!” 

I had to guess the song and I answered Never Be Like You-Flume and it was ALSO WRONG WTH HAHA. I’m so in a bad luck that I had to hear my voice on the radio, guessing the song wrong. (I recorded it cause yeah my voice was on the radio!!!) 

So yeah it’s crazy how this turn out to be. Hahahaha made my morning. #loveyouflyfm