I called the radio station

Selena Gomez Revival Tour. 25th July 2016.

Okay I’m not a big fan of Selena, I don’t even have her songs in my playlist.

But Fly Fm is giving out free tickets to her concert!!!! There are two ways, either you hunt down the #AgentGomez by following the clues they gave on Instagram, or, by calling the radio station once the cue call is announced. 

I was driving to school, 6:45 am-ish like that, and was listening to Fly Fm, and they announced the first cue call of the day (cue calls happening all day long on 21st July) and I grabbed my phone and dialled the number while driving which is bad for yall ok don’t follow, one hand on the steering and one hand……..on my phone. Sadly I didn’t get through as the luckiest caller 😢 I called through the whole day, even when I’m in school and all I get was user busy answering me back like what. the. hell. After school I had to go to work and there’s not many people that day, so I spent my time calling Fly Fm again 😂 #desperate 

Fact : More than 500 calls have been made. 

Around 5:30 pm, I was still dialling Fly Fm and they answered me. 

Hi how can I help you?”

For a second I thought….help me win this shit.

I played the honest card and she asked me to scream the Selena Gomez Revival Tour (for practice only) but I didn’t scream it out loud cause I’m in the mall what do you expect, me screaming the line on top of my lungs?! 😂  She said the cue call would be in about an hour, so I waited anxiously until then. 

6:10 pm, yes I know it’s early but I am so on my competitive mode so I called and called Fly Fm, and she answered me again! Walaoweh. Feeling so lucky. Surely I can win this one. She asked me to scream the line again and I did it then she asked me what my name is and she was surprised that I am the previous caller haha. She said to call again in 15 minutes.

This is torture. I was shaking and smiling like crazy. Thinking of who I would invite to go to the concert already. 

6:25 pm. I’ve never pressed the dial back button so fast in my whole life before. Sadly there was a caller that managed to get through because of my mistake of counting to 5 to dial them back again just because I feel like I’m dialling too much. Never do that. Just press it like crazy!!!! 

Hopes shattered. The next morning, I was driving to school again, calling Fly Fm with hopes that they will answer me and I’ll fake crying sounds a bit hahaha. Accidentally, the time that I called them was another cue call for another contest, which is guess this sound of a song and win RM550. 

You’re our luckiest caller number 5!” 

I had to guess the song and I answered Never Be Like You-Flume and it was ALSO WRONG WTH HAHA. I’m so in a bad luck that I had to hear my voice on the radio, guessing the song wrong. (I recorded it cause yeah my voice was on the radio!!!) 

So yeah it’s crazy how this turn out to be. Hahahaha made my morning. #loveyouflyfm