Ain’t got no time for that.

Have you ever been in situations where you feel used? Are you the yes or the no person? By saying that, you just kinda say yes eventho it makes you feel used, or you say no straightaway to avoid being used. 

I am definitely a no person. I am known for having my mum’s car to move around plus being the only child, I do have plenty of  me-time. And people just loveeee taking advantage of my situation. I have a few friends who sometimes asks me for help to send them home or pick them up or accompany them do stuffs that doesn’t involve me. Once or twice is enough I think, and I am not the only solution they have am I right? We got Uber, Grab and somebody else that lives nearby their housing area, as a matter of fact, my house is the furthest from everyone, and I drive for 30 minutes to and fro. 

Some who I just met once or twice started inviting me to hangout but with an intention to help them reach a destination/do chores. I feel so disappointed when people do this repeatedly without having any guilt, as I am trying to connect and make some new friends. Imagine, a friend wants to hangout with me, and I felt so happy about it, but it turns out he just need help in delivering something. Others would often see me as an unpaid Grab driver who thinks I am doing charity work to send them home almost everyday. Don’t get me wrong, they ask for help a lot, too much, but I said no. This is important because you don’t want people to start getting comfortable and assume that you don’t mind, and eventually use you. It annoys me so much and makes me fed up. Please please pleaseeee be mindful and have some respect for other people’s time. Treat others as how you would want people to treat you. 


What’s next?

2 days. 2 days straight of “girls-day-out” with my close friends. We go for karaoke, movies, shopping, and we laughed a lot. I don’t have many close friends. I only go out with them or my family, that’s all. No backup friends etc. Today, (again) (haha) the four of us are reunited again! Actually…I have 7 close friends, including myself, but…now they’ve decreased, but that doesn’t mean the other 2 is not my friends anymore. It’s just that…. one day, you suddenly stop talking to each other, ignore their presence, just smiled and somehow its just awkward to start all over again.

So you keep quiet. You move on. You try to cheer up, open up your mind and see where’s life bringing you. At first, I thought I lost my best friend. I am so mad at this situation.  Of course I am sad, me and my best friend rarely talk anymore. But then…. I realized that she is happier now. She is more focused in her studies. And if she’s happy, I’m happy. That’s enough for me. I accept what has happened. Because a true friend, is the one who at the end of the day, no matter how long you guys have been separated, or you meet new friends, both of you still remember that nothing is gonna change between the two of you. Both of you are still friends. Maybe not today, maybe tomorrow, or maybe you will reunite again… heaven. So SPM has ended. After this, life is just going to get harder. But that doesn’t mean life is never gonna get fun too. I realized that, all of us are going to pursue our own dreams. It’s going to be a long journey.


Nadia, we’re still the best of friends.