I volunteer! 

You thought this post was going to be about The Hunger Games. 

Nope, I really did volunteer! Hehe. 

I planned to join volunteering a long time ago and when I finally did have my free time, I registered with the Carefugees to help give food donations to 1000 refugees. Last minute plan, Afiqah joined the bandwagon 😁 

This is my first time. Everrrrr. So scary.

I wanted to meet new people, have more friends, and give back to those in need! 

Carefugees Feed a Family distrubution day is on June 5th 2016 at Spektrum Mall, Bandar Baru Ampang. We will be distributing food baskets to about 1000 refugee families. We are looking for volunteers to help out on that day. 
There are two types of volunteers we need. 
1) Drivers with own vehicles – to drive the refugees back home after getting their food baskets. 

2) Foot soldiers – general help (i.e. Lifting goods, loading vehicles, crowd control etc)
You can volunteer for the whole day 9-5pm. Or choose a shift from 9-2pm or 1 -5pm. 

I am the driver and Afiqah is the foot soldier! Roughly, the refugees will come by car (themselves) or the bus provided, and there is a lineup for them. The foot soldiers will help arrange the food such as a bag of rice, potatoes, garlic, cooking oil, Milo, in one trolly for each individual. They will handle distributing the food to the refugees. Some of them came with their rented cars, so we will help transfer the food into their car. Some came by the bus, so they need a driver to help send them with their food to their home. That’s my role. As the driver, I will lineup too behind other drivers and the foot soldiers will transfer the food into my car, then, I will ask for their address and drive using the help of Waze, to send them home. 

Why do we need to help refugees?

The refugees came from a different background, they could have a professional career back in their country, but when their country was having crisis, they had to migrate to other countries such as Malaysia. 

Fact : Refugees were not allowed to work full time, they can only work for part time, and even that, they find it very hard to find a job these days. So how can they earn money to support their family?

That’s when the Carefugees role came in. They help donate food for students, families and more. 

Huda from Syria.

They’re from Afghanistan!

I had a lovely day getting to know these people. We embrace differences. We may talk in different language, but we unite in doing one cause. I met uncles and aunties, spending their Sunday to help others. I also met those younger than me, volunteering on Sunday. It was a great feeling seeing the refugees smile when I send them back home.

Watch out, I’ll be volunteering again! 

What’s your experience in volunteering? Share with me in the comments! 😊