How To Look Expensive

Ya girl got ya, don’t worry. 

I always managed to pull off an expensive look eventho I only have MYR10 in my purse at the time. My friends sometimes think I’m rich because of what I’m wearing, look, and smell. I call this deceiving technique haha! 


Keep an eye for a clothing store that always have SALE with a lot of clothing choice. For example, Cotton On at AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang have the same SALE as AEON Shah Alam, but the thing is, I’ve been to both outlets, and AEON Bukit Tinggi tend to have more choices. There’s so much more to choose under the MYR15 SALE rack and so far I’ve never been disappointed.

COTTON ON Top : MYR45 Skirt : MYR30 (original price is around MYR100+)

I bought a grey dress for only MYR30 (score!) from Cotton On that looks beautiful without any defects. The original price would be MYR139. Another example is, Dorothy Perkins. They fit all sizes and their SALE reaches up to 70% at times. I find it still expensive after discount but if you have extra money, Dorothy Perkins is the way to go. I love love all of the dresses and tops. Like I said before, lookout between the same clothing store at different places and evaluate which store has more choices. 

(Secret tip : Pierre Cardin sells very good lingerie for a reasonable price, my fav store)


Your scent is the key. Imagine Nasi Kandar without fried chicken. That’s how crucial it compliments your look. Surely I also don’t have the money to keep on stocking up on expensive branded perfumes 🙄 Find a dupe perfume store, a good one of course, not the pasar malam one ah! I found Cher La Verne at AEON Bukit Tinggi, Klang and they sell dupe for branded perfumes at a cheaper price but has the exact scent as the original ones. Trust me, this is what I wear and people ask me “Are you wearing Gucci Flora?”. My signature perfume is Gucci Flora and man I am broke if I bought the MYR400+ bottle perfume. So I know how the original perfume smells like when I buy the same at Cher La Verne. The cheapest they sell is MYR18 for 5ml and they last half the day (the scent I mean 😂) Today I bought 30ml bottle for MYR59 (they have SALE, the original price is MYR69). So find your favorite branded perfume and find the alternative for it. 

30ml Gucci Flora for MYR59


Here’s what my mum always remind me, invest in a good branded and more expensive shoes when you have the money. You don’t want to spend MYR40 on the same cheap shoe over and over again, that’s a waste of money. As we know, expensive shoes feels better when you wear it, and they last longer. No matter what your financial situation is, you can always wear a good shoe and look extravagant. I bought 1 heels from Clarks, 1 sandal from Epanema, 1 sport shoes from Nike, and 1 casual sandal from Crocs. Do you know that these are the only shoes I wear from 2016 to 2017? I don’t buy anymore shoes. So you can save your money on that part because its a long-term investment 😉 

There you have it, tips on How To Look Expensive!


A day in Bangsar 

This post was meant to be written on Monday but I’ve been delaying in since forever because I’m not in the mood to blog. I’m not like busy or anything, I also don’t really celebrate Hari Raya so there’s no reason for me to be lazy! Julianna you need to deal with yo self girl. Stop delaying shits. Ugh such a procrastinator. One thing I would never delay doing is…..eating. 

Okay so what am I doing in Bangsar on Monday?!?! Meeting my in-laws? Shopping for raya? Wasting my gas? 

The last one is kinda true but it is sooooo worth it. I drove all the way to Bangsar because I want to meet the amazing, the beautiful, the genius, the fabulous……..Vivy Yusof! It’s not like she wants to meet me or anything, she posted on Instagram that she’ll be coming to the FashionValet store in Bangsar at 11am! And the crazy little me whispered that I should wake up early and go to Bangsar Village 2. I’ve been there before so this is my second time, and along the way, I wanted to buy some makeup from Catrice Cosmetics (drugstore) at Guardian in BV2. Omg guys, the drugstore brand is already so so so cheap and on that day, they’re having a 30% discount on selected items!!!!!

WTH? I looooove discounts. 

You need this. RM8+ for awesomely pigmented glitter eyeshadow?! YES. I repeat, you need this.

THIS IS CRAZYLY PIGMENTED!! I don’t know how to caps lock this anymore but I have been looking for a matte eyeshadow and I swear by this, RM8+ also peeps! I’m so gonna cry. 

RM17+ for a lipstick?! Smells so gooood, it is pigmented and ahhhhhhh I love everything about this lipstick. It is moisturizing and doesn’t dry my lips at all.

All this for RM34+. Worth my trip. I get 3 products! You can go to Guardian’s website and search for the Catrice Cosmetics in the nearest store to you. 

*wearing all 3 products for this look

Last but not least………….

Iman was there earlier and she was folding clothes. The girl boss is coming! 

Waiting for Vivy to finish chatting with this Aunty. Aunty can you hurry up?! 

I am surprised at how calm I was when I asked for a picture with her. I swear I usually squeal and you know, do things that embarrassed myself when I’m excited. It really made my day and I could not stop smiling when I see this picture. Today and tomorrow got 10% off all products so go crazy okay?!-Vivy said to me. 😭 

May favourites 

Today is the 31st of May people! 

Nope nothing special about the date but I am writing about my favourite products for this month, which should be an important day since the existence of human. No? 


(You screamed in your heart I bet you did.)

1. My skincare products

I loved using Clinelle before this, it suits my sensitive skin, but so far there’s not much difference or obvious effect to my face. I stumbled upon Bio-essence Skin Advancer (the tall bottle) in Wellness Jusco just because of the cheap price (for 100ml it’s affordable for me!) which at the time was on sale for RM52+ and you can get the same price at Watsons. The bottle lasted until this day girlsssss! Serious tahan lama. 2 pumps is enough! I didn’t notice any differences to my face but few of my friends kept saying that I looked brighter now. Wow you made my day girls. And it did! I used to look so dull and ugh. 

Since then, I am trusting this brand more and started buying the cleanser and the capsulated essence-in-cream. The cream is awesome. Quite thick and amazingly moisturizing. The scent is so good, I am using the Bird’s Nest + peptides. They have Tanaka white and Royal Jelly but I prefer the bird’s nest. 

2. Lipliner that makes me cry 

(Posie K + essence lip liner) 

From the brand Essence. This is a drugstore brand from Europe and they’re so cheap. This lipliner I bought is for MYR8.90 but it is well pigmented and does not irritate my lips. Love. This is in the shade 05 Lovely Cappuccino 
3. Primer

For MYR29+ you can get the Maybelline Baby Skin Pore Eraser (that’s a long name..) I tried it and I regret buying what rubbish primer I had before for MYR40+ ugh and this one is so much better, it is lightweight like it said on the packaging!! Super easy to apply. My skin is instantly smooth and ready for applying foundation.
4. Mascara ra ra ra 

I am surprised how long and curly my lashes were when I used this!!!! Like omg hello lashes where you’ve been, I’ve been looking for you 😭 False lash Miss Manga for MYR31+ 
5. Lotion

A spray lotion!!!! What an invention. This thing is so cool and you know, you just press the spray and spray it anywhere you want, it is lightweight and not sticky! Suits a lazy person like me. MYR25+
6. Hair removal cream 

I thought we’re still using razors to shave!!! Hahaha I am so left behind. The thought of getting cuts when using razors scares the shit out of me. Especially in the bikini lines……..So this cream helps end the nightmare and you use it when you’re just chilling in your room, so you apply it to your legs, underarms and bikini lines (not for in-shower okay!) and wait for 5-10 minutes for it to work, they give you a plastic shaver (no blades) and you just scrape your hairs but don’t put too much pressure on it, because it will make your skin red, just smoothly okayyy. 
7. Energy bar

This has 90 calories only and suits when you feel like binging on chocolates, and it tastes good!!!! MYR2 at Watsons. 
8. Shower Scrub

This smells sooooo good and the scent is like a real spa!!!! They have green tea, lavender, and many more I can’t remember. 

9. Lotion again

I have been using the tester since I’m working in Watsons, and I like it! Smells good and my skin feels soft. Senzues is from France and quite expensive, in the picture, one bottle is for MYR33+ 

10. Shampoo

I switched from Dove to Pantene. When I was in matriks, I often smell this seriously good scent and I kept wanting to know what is this girl using haha. Should’ve just screamed to her what did she used. I smelled every each shampoo bottle and finally found it!!!! It was Pantene. Since then, I’ve been using it forever. It makes my hair soooo soft and smells awesome! MYR21+

11. Face scrub

One thing from Clinelle that I can never let go is the scrub. Tiny beads that doesn’t damage your pores, and whenever my face is dull because of dead skins, I use this and instantly my face looks brighter and smoother. I love you!! 

That’s all for today! Hope you enjoy reading and tell me if you’ve been using any of the products or wanting to try them out! 🤓

I sell stuffs 

Tight budget for Raya this year? Wanna look good but not willing to see more than RM200 on a price tag? How about when you open your purse and a fly comes out…? Want to put a smile on her face even though you don’t want to spend a lot? 


Howdy peeps! Ay ay ayyyy, I’m selling preloved items that are guaranteed to be in a good condition! I’m also very lucky to be featured as one of the many sellers on the “Featured this week” page on Carousell! Download the app and click this okay! Find meeeee (got my face as my profile picture meh). I stated the measurements of the items I’m selling because I know how hard it is to trust online sellers. And also because you guys are such lazy ass. Haha kidding only. Everything is so simple, I took picture from every angles, wrote the condition…..everything! You just have to open your eyes and browse through! 🤓

Online Shopping!

I am so lame. All this while I keep on wondering why does some people (or majority women) are addicted to online shopping. And last week is the week that I figure out the reason. Online shopping is awesome! The best way to waste your money too. And I am lame because I don’t really care about being up-to-date on anything related with technology.

But, I’m a fast learner when it comes to shopping(only) okay. So what made me want to learn about online shopping is when dUckscarves (you can find out about it here) informed that they are releasing their scarves!! All this time I never even tempted to buy the scarves because :
• I don’t know how to purchase it.
• I wear spectacles so I thought that   wide shawl wouldn’t work for me.

But then……I finally find out a way for us girls-who-wears-hijab-and-specs to wear wide&long shawl! The usually rectangle and longggg one.
So, I know that it is super duper hard to buy that dUckscarves. Because in less than 20 minutes all the beautiful designs will be sold out. And from my previous experience on trying to buy Sofina 2.1 handbag made me realize I need to be more strategic. (I didn’t know that we actually need to bank-in the money as to confirm that we made an order)

So I used my mother’s account to make the purchase. They release the scarves on Monday at 11 am. Guess where am I at that time. In school! Urgh. But I don’t care, I need to have it! Taradapapa and walaa!

I came, I saw, I conquered.
dUckscarves is mine!

I bought the creme brulee and ash lee. Hey I deserve an applause okay haha this is my first time and I succeed!


Wore it to my school’s Jamuan Raya. Comfortableeeee


Turquoise all the way


Now I’m patiently waiting for my books I bought online. It is directly from UK and the best part is, there is no delivery charges!
See it here.