After long consideration of what apps I have been using frequently and loving, here’s the Top 4 Apps you need! (You’ll love them) 

I have to be honest, I hateeeee filters on my photos. I don’t like using it, it confuses the shit out of me, I can’t decide between two filters and it makes me sooooo mad hahaha. I always always choose the #nofilter way because I firmly believe in the need of real photos here. This app changes my mind. I mean, you can choose what kind of filter you want to change the way your photos look. You want it to be Paris kind of filter? London? Budapest? And many more. This app provides filters based on your need. It gives you the choice of choosing what kind of filter you want for all your photos. I downloaded two apps from AnalogFilm, the Analog Paris and Analog London. 

Each for only USD 0.99 which is MYR3.96

*Analog Paris

*Analog Paris

*Analog London

For each app, 10 filters will be given. (Except for Analog Paris, it has extra filters for colors.) If you have specific filters you use or want for your Instagram layout, you can check out the apps based on the landmark one by one and see which suits you best.


For shopaholics!!!! I’m calling you out!!! Gosh this app makes me broke. Like literally. I’ve been spending like there’s no tomorrow and I keep on scrolling on this app for the latest clothing, handbag, shoes, you name it! They have the best of brands. I always love it when they have sales. Who doesn’t?! You can check out the latest trends and the cheapest heels on Zalora! (I found heels for only MYR49) 

*I want that Zalia Embellished Mermaid Dress so bad but I think they’re sold out😭 

3. H&M

I don’t need to explain much here. You know the brand. It is not just a regular you-can-access-to-h&m-easily-app! They have more than that which is why I am keeping this and never uninstalling it. 

The feature that I love most. I can read up fashion articles and always know the most It-trend.


THE BEST APP IN THE WORLD! A must download. Free songs forever! No need to waste money buying at iTunes while I can listen to the same songs with the same quality in Spotify. 

Disclaimer : This post is not sponsored guys. Nobody is paying me to say good things about their apps. I just happen to be using it and I love it so I share to the whole world! 😂💞 

Thank you for reading! Chin up! You’re awesome.