Book Therapy

After breaking my fast, I went to the Popular bookstore just because I miss being surrounded with books. The only way for me not to spend so much buying books, is too spend my time sitting in there and read them. 

Whenever you feel unmotivated, overwhelmed, or you just need a me time ;

💃🏻 Go to your nearest bookstore

Now find the inspirational books section, and find this book. 

This book is filled with motivational quotes! Sounds boring. But you’d never know that you need some push to always keep that dream alive, your spirit alive. Or you can just find any other books that is filled with quotes too.

Next, close your eyes, randomly flip the pages and using your index finger, land it on random pages! Now open your eyes and read the quotes out loud. Don’t blame me if you’re in tears after that.

Here’s what I got, randomly.

I seriously almost cried reading these. Some of it relates to me so much that I feel a spark of hope again. I was smiling on my own, feeling so happy. When life seems a bit dull, you should do this and keep things alive again. This book is for MYR37+ 😊