Splash Splash

This week has been cray-cray I tell you. My mum and I are moving into a new house and I have been busy unpacking boxes of stuffs and arranging it (endless of it….) so we decided to go for a retreat! 

Imagine floating and swimming in a spring water lake…..with the scorching weather nowadays, this is perfect. Plus I have a very sensitive skin so I don’t usually go to the beach. The itchiness!!!! Ugh-this-beach.




                             Picnic area

      The hut was fully occupied  so we opt for the tikar instead

                     Met someone new👶🏻

                   Must wear life-jacket!

           This is amazingly beautifuuuul!

*all pictures were taken by me*

You can bring your own food and you also can cook (bring your own appliances) There is an area for barbeque here but I think you need to make a reservation first. The toilet and showers are clean! You can rent a mat if the huts are occupied. Everything is simple and fun and no fussy business, just make sure come early and enjoy!!! 😊 Feel free to ask any questions 🙃

For more info, I suggest you visit this website 👈🏼


Assalammualaikum 👋 Recently I have just got back from a vacation in Gold Coast, Australia! It has so much similarity with Malaysia, the weather of course. But I love Gold Coast a lil bit more because of the cool breeze kind of weather AND how peaceful it is that there’s not many cars and the streets are super clean, good job! I’m going to share a lot of pictures while vacationing there 🙆


  • The Apartment I’m staying for a week

  • The view from the balcony 🙉

  • 👆 Sofina 3 😘

  • Eh!? I thought this was marshmallow sorry. 

  • Finally! Dream come true 😍

  • How cool is this 😃 a real replica!!

  • Can’t even collect one 😒

  • Wish I could buy all of them! 😭

  • I’ve got Dumbledore! Am I going to be the next greatest witch of the century….? Probably not. 

  • Your eyes widen as you see this pic am I right?? 😏

  • Kashaf thought the Kangaroo is a dog. Maybe he doesn’t know how to pronounce Kangaroo cause its too long so I teach him to say Roo!

  • ❤️🌻