Don’t Hire Me

Hi I’m Julianna Azman Ong and the worst thing I would do if you hire me to work in your company is….

Sneaking out to buy food even though it is not my break time. 

Since I’m working part time now, I have only 1 holy hour for break and it might seems enough. It is not. I am full for 3 hours after and then I started crawling for food. The only law that I would violate at work place is, going out to buy food even when I have work to do. 

Reminder : Need to bring lots of snacks. 

I have sudden cravings or its just me thinking of what to eat what to eat what to eat. I think about diet for a while and then I ran straight to McDonalds. Help mehhhhhh my mind and stomach is not connected and it just want to gobble down on food even when I am not hungry. Like, I’ve been questioning myself isn’t this the time to eat? 

So yeah think twice before you hire me. Prepare lots of food in the pantry to keep me in the office. 

Thank you for reading ☺️ 



I have never been so tired until I miss school for 2 days. I am trying to have a good attendance to school but man, exhaustion takes over me. 

I have been juggling between working part time after school, plus 5 days of schooling, and on top of that, my Mandarin class. 

This week is officially the tiring week ever!!! I am having fun being busy and all that but it is no fun when I am just so so tired that I started not coming to school just because I overslept. Gosh I really need to set my priorities straight. I need to buckle up and work hard for what I signed for! 

*swallows more Gingko Biloba pills*

I wanted to blog but I just don’t have the energy to hold my phone hahaha. It’s weird how sleeping from 1am to 6:30am used to be enough for me but now, almost everyday I had a hard time waking up! Never letting go of my bed. Too attached. No, seriously. Am I that mentally and physically tired? I thought more sleep means more energy but the cycle of me not getting enough rest will repeat again. School from 6am to 1pm and then drive to work from 2pm to 10pm and then only I reach home and can sleep. Plus my time with my phone, so , I usually sleep at 1am. 

Gotta think and manage this issue as soon as possible. It’s between life and death 😭

Not well


“Aaaaah aaaaah aaaaahhhhchooooo!!!”

Red eyes, runny nose, phlegm and coughs, and then comes the fever…

Everytime I work, within 1 week I will start getting sick. Tell me about it!! I think I’m allergic to work. Oh doctor, is there any pills to cure my condition???

I had to take a medical leave from work, I texted my colleague that I am seriously not well to work today, as my job needs me to handle customers, imagine me and my runny nose, my hand rubbing my nose every 5 seconds wouldn’t look good……..So I texted her 1 hour before our shift starts and I am feeling guilty that I am leaving her on her own. I tried Whatsapp-ing and calling her but she wouldn’t pick up. Around afternoon I Whatsapped her again asking how did this morning go, and here comes the honest situation. 

Not okay. 

I know it’s not cool to not come to work, leaving my colleague on her own, but I am not feeling well and I tried to tell her that I am not coming in today. I am very sorry but I am not sorry that the fact I really am not in pink of health today 😢  Oh well, life goes on, the situation needs to move on, I did apologize and I just have to focus working!!!